Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Loves And Hates of June

Wow can you believe we're past halfway through the year? Me neither! Anyways, let me introduce you to my first ever Loves and Hates of the month!

 The Body Shop Body Butter in Passionfruit. I bought this for £4.50 (including Membership Discount) because at the moment selected 200ml Body Butters are only £5 (they're normally £12.50!) This is so delicious and I just want to eat it up

Collection 2000's mineral foundation. This is my first ever mineral foundation and I think for the summer, I'm converted. This is such a lovely formulation and I am a freckled faced girl (and no, I don't like them) and whilst this doesn't cover them it does blur them so I'm left looking like I've been photoshopped, it really does make your face look flawless and glowing. Love it!

Cutting up men's tshirts :) Now I love a baggy tshirt, but they really are pretty much impossible to find. Primark has a few, but they always practically see-through and show your bra and they're always not quite right. Everywhere else just seems to have 'stretch' tshirts. I don't want fabric clinging to me in the middle of Summer! So I bought these two t-shirts from H&M for Men, and cut the neck off. The striped one was £2.99 and the nude behind was £3.99. I wear them off the shoulder and you can't see my bra through them, perfect!

Vintage-style handbags. Now I have quite a few of these and this is my newest addition, which went shopping with me today in Oxford Street :) I bought this off Laura's blog sale and it was a bargain and it has so many pockets!

Mixing lip colours. I've always loved doing this, I think I'm one of those people that can't stop when it comes to make up! This is Gosh Darling mixed with Revlon Colorburst in Coral. A lot of people say they find coral difficult to wear and whilst I think that this coral is very wearable, dabbing it over the top of Gosh Darling (or any other nude) gives you a subtle lip colour that isn't your average pink, yet it still remains not too out there!

Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Tutti Fruity. Now don't get me wrong I usually love these nail varnishes, but this one is just terrible. The colour is lovely yes, but it chips like nobody's business and it bubbles. Yes, bubbles. I currently have bumpy chipped nails, it really isn't a good look.
These two glosses I have to admit, I got free as at Boots and Superdrug at the moment you get one free when you spend over £4, but I still can't love them. The best thing about them is their names, but apart from that, they last a matter of seconds, they taste disgusting and no matter which one you use they all look the same colour. 

Topshop Liner. You can read my full review of Topshop make up here, and if you've read it already you'll know I hate it. This liner is SO bad it's so difficult to use and the liner is terrible, really thin and yuck. The only thing I use this for is dipped in MAC Fluidline when I can't find my eyeliner brush but apart from that it's no use and I will never buy it again.

Benefit Bad Gal. You can read my Benefit Rant here and my speedy review of this here, I take it back, this liner is not fab and I would never ever buy this. It is a complete waste of money as it just doesn't do what it says it will and it doesn't last on your waterline, or anywhere else for that matter!

Hope you enjoyed reading this, sorry it was quite long, are you loving/hating any of these products?
Sophie xx

Monday, 28 June 2010

Sophie's Experiences With Benefit and MAC

Hi everyone,
I suppose this is going to be a mini rant and I've been wondering for days as to whether I should post this or not as it may be a little controversial. The bottom line is, I hate Benefit make up.
Seriously though, it's MAC every time. I have never had a problem with MAC make up. The colour pay off is nearly always exactly as I expect, the quality is second to none, and the pricing to me seems fair. Sure, 12 quid or so isn't cheap for a lipstick, but they really are investment pieces. I used to use their Studio Sculpt foundation (it's too hot for it now) and despite being a very high coverage, it never broke me out in spots and after 6 months of use there's still enough for next winter. 
What I find with MAC is that what you see is what you get. The packaging is sophisticated and their claims are believable and realistic. And to be fair, when was the last time you saw a review for a MAC product? I don't think I've ever seen one. You get MAC Hauls, sure, but I believe that's a testimony as to how great they are, they don't need to prove themselves, everyone knows that if you buy it with MAC, you're not gonna be disappointed.

For example look at the description of their normal liner

Eye Pencils are formulated to provide rich, consistent colour using ingredients that have virtually no irritancy potential. They are comfortable to apply and sharpen to a fine point to allow for a precise application. Eye Pencils can be used to create a sharp line or a softer, smoky effect. They are long-lasting and won't cake or streak.

There's not a trademark sign in sight and no false promises, and I can honestly say everything they say is true about this product.
But moving on to Benefit. I've always wanted to be a Benefit girl. Benefit girls are pretty, they don't need serious make up, they're fun and they kid themselves that Benefit is just amaaazing. But I can't agree with that. I thought I'd give them a chance, I mean they kindly gave us all free pencils with Glamour this month, but I don't think I could ever pay for a Benefit product. Ever. Here are my reasons, and please feel free to disagree with me, I want to know your opinions, and if you like try and convince me they're fab.
  •  They're expensive. To me, £14 for a poor quality eyeliner (more about this later) is disgusting. And I don't like their obsession with adding that 50p on most of their products
  • You're paying for the packaging, which don't get me wrong is lovely, the names are great, but the quality. . 
  • Oh dear the quality. If there ever was a company who's products did almost the opposite they were meant to that's Benefit. Bad Gal liner promises to be 'Dark, Smoky and Mysterious'. Who are they trying to kid? If they mean a terrible grey shade when they say dark, annoyingly smudgy in an im gonna end up on your cheeks by the end of the day kind of way when they say smoky and a 'woah that sure is some straaange eyeliner that girl's got on' when they say mysterious then they've got it spot on. And don't get me started on Bad Gal mascara. Disappointment in a tube.
  • The Benebabes. Ok I know there are some right nasties out on those MAC stands, but Benefit takes the biscuit. Never before had a woman made me feel so out of place, so awkward and so intimidated until I went to a Benefit stand. I'm sure there are some lovely Benebabes out there, but I've yet to meet one. I once had my make up done by them. Never again. I don't know how anyone could mistake me for a dark orange when I've been known to purchase NC15 at MAC.
 All in all, the products in general just really don't appeal to me. They have no lasting power whatsoever, they're ridiculously overpriced and as kitsch as their products are (did you know Benetint was developed to go on strippers nipples?!), I will always always be a MAC girl at heart.

Love Sophie
PS Are you a Benefit Gal or a MAC Lady?

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Revlon Colorburst

Hey lovely ladies :)
Isn't it just extreeeemely hot? Anyways, we're always reminded that for summer, always always go for a coral lip! Now for me, the prospect of wearing ORANGE on my face is a bit of a no-go. Until I saw the new Revlon Colorburst. I mean I just had to look at Jessica Alba and I was sold (apart from when she dyed her hair that dodgy blonde, does that woman ever look the tiniest bit imperfect??) and the 2 pounds off at Boots (oh and Advantage card points. .) meant I had to grab one.

Firstly, what does Revlon have to say about their Colorburst Lipsticks?
  • Instant burst of rich, true color with a featherlight feel 
  • Elasticolor™ technology provides immediate color release and hugs lips with a burst of weightless color that feels like a second skin
Now personally, if I ever see a  ™ in a product description, they are not having my money. (Peptido-Complex, Softflex. . I'm looking at you L'oreal!) But I did really want to try a coral lipstick

This is their Coral (click it to see it enlarged)
And my lips wearing it. .
Sorry that's a really bad picture but you get the idea. It really is a very nice lipstick. It has no shine, no sparkles, it's a matte lipstick but thankfully it's not toodrying. It doesn't last very long and I'm not sure if I agree that it 'hugs' lips as obviously you can feel that you're wearing it. It does fade, but it doesn't look terrible like some lipsticks do, infact you could get away with not reapplying I think.Unfortunately Boots literally had 5 shades but there are apparently 20 available, and there are some very nice nude colours too. I think it looks best when dabbed on to give a 'burst' of colour, as it can make your lips look a bit clown like if applied in the normal way.

So all in all, yes I would recommend this lipstick, maybe not at full price, but it gives great colour pay-off and the packaging is lovely. The imprinted 'Revlon' into the bullet is very Chanel and I really do like this lipstick

What do you think? Have you ever bought a Revlon lippie before?
Sophie xx

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Disappointment :(

Ok ok I know this is long overdue but I wanted to see if they would last, or if my initial love would fade. And I kind of need to have a mini rant about Topshop Make Up. It has its good points and its bad, but first of all I'll let you know what I have from there;
So I'll start with the good stuff
  • The lip polish in Smoothie is a lovely formulation
  • The lip polish and the cream blusher in Nutmeg have really useful little mirrors on them
  • The colour of the Tint is really pretty
  • The creme blusher feels really nice to the touch
  • The packaging is very cute
And the bad;
  • It's overpriced. Which is to be expected of Topshop but the quality isn't quite up to the price
  • The liner is crap. It's terrible. It stinks just like the Maybelline Line Definer, it applies thinly and doesn't last. Apply it to your hand however and it looks just how you'd like it to on your eyes :(
  • The lip polish is a bit blah. It doesn't last long, the colour is completely different to that online, and because I ordered mine online I was quite excited to try this colour. However it's a baby pink and very boring.
  • The packaging, as pretty as it is, gets dirty VERY quickly and looks a bit scruffy a month later
  • The shades of the blushers aren't very wearable. Nutmeg is nice, as is Pinch, but they're not the easiest to blend and don't last very long
  • The tint will not last all day on your cheeks/lips yet it will stain your fingers, which isn't the most attractive look
So what are your thoughts on Topshop's Make Up? Anything you're thinking of buying? Or regretting?
Sophie xx

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

I'm Famous! And What's In My Bag Tag!

Hello lovely ladies!
Just before I get started, I thought I'd let you know I posted my entry yesterday from my Blackberry and I think it's posted up ok, but the reason why I did this is because I was at the Camden Roundhouse to participate in the Channel 4 programme How To Save A £100Billion Live. If you watched this (or watch it  now on 4OD!) you'll see me about every 5 minutes, I'm the girl in the red who didn't know where to look next to the female presenter. How exciting!

Watch the programme here

I was tagged in this by the lovely Nikki, so let's see what's in my bag!

To start with, what does my bag actually look like?
I love love love my bag, it was £18 from New Look and I bought it because it looks just like the Mulberry Alexa (well from a distance. . !)

But what's inside?
Oh dear it looks such a mess! Also I usually have my Blackberry, Ipod Nano and Calvin Klein Euphoria chucked in there too but they had gone wandering when I decided to take this photo!

What's inside?
  • Filofax
  • Anti-Histamines (I have a rather annoying condition called Urticaria)
  • Purse
  • Badges from when I went to see The Drums
  • A foldaway spoon (I can't bring myself to throw it away it looks so useful!)
  • Notes On A Scandal (I do a LOT of train travelling)
  • Old battered purse which I LOVE
  • Travelcards, Oyster Card holder and various pens and half eaten gum packets, ugh
  • Isklar water -- I love this bottle and at the moment it's only 36p at Sainsburys woo!
  • My dad's sunglasses 
  • Mascara, see review here
  • And a lipstick/gloss for any mood haha
And these are swatches of the lippies in my bag (I know I have waaay too many in there and my hand STINKS after washing these off, I blame it on that Collection 2000 gloss!)
  1. ELF Gloss in Candlelight, which I have discovered tastes JUST like Percy Pigs mmm, see review here
  2. Gosh Darling
  3. 17 Mirror Shine-On Lipstick in Belle, see review here
  4. Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink Pout
  5. Collection 2000 Gloss in Dolly Mixture (I got this free I would never buy this it's disgusting)
  6. MAC Lipstick in Craving
What's in your bag? Got anything in there that is just super cringeworthy?!

I tag; Holly, Sammi and Hannah :)

Also thank you guys for following me and leaving your lovely comments it really puts a smile on my face!
Sophie xx
PS Just to let you know guys, all my links should open up in new tabs :)

    Monday, 21 June 2010

    Make Your Own Nail Varnish

    Hey lovely ladies!
    So yesterday I wanted to do a manicure, but not the usual pink and white. For my nude base I decided to go for the lovely Nails Inc London (free from Boots) but I thought the perfect tip would be a dark brown perhaps. But no dark brown in my nail varnish box! What to do?

    If I showed you these nails, would you think the brown was a Barry M Dazzle Dust??

    Well it is! It's the Barry M Dazzle Dust in Dark Chocolate. I had my lightbulb moment and put the smallest amount of the product on a piece of scrap paper and added a small amount of my Collection 2000 Strengthening Basecoat and mixed the two together, and it made a really nicely pigmented nail colour, and I used hardly any of the Dazzle Dust. They say it's for Lips, Cheeks and Eyes, but nails too? You can use pretty much any pigment, and any clear nail varnish. A few weeks ago I mixed an old mineral powder foundation that I NEVER use, and it gave the perfect nude nail. Why not have a go and tell me what you think?

    Hope you enjoy all my strange tips I do, let me know if you'd like to see more!
    Sophie xx

    Sunday, 20 June 2010

    17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick

    This might be just me, but 17 is usually one of those brands I just walk past. I once decided that I needed the free gift when you spend £5 business so badly I had to buy something and that was their Super Wear Long Lasting Foundation with their green primer, and when I used the two together the foundation would actually flake off, it would form little beige balls on my face, not a good look. So I can pretty much say I'm not a 17 girl.

    So the other day, I saw these amazingly blue shiny lipsticks -- and Sophie likes shiny things :) These are the lovely Mirror Shine On Lipsticks and they look like this

    One thing to bear in mind with these is that they haven't got the strongest colour pay off, they are more of a tinted lip colour with a shine, they even contain 'micro pearls'. How exciting! This is I think Belle and it was payday on Friday so I may just have to forget that spending ban and go and get Hollywood, which is a bright red, but I think it'll be a beautiful more subtle shade than the reds I usually go for.

    This is what Belle looks like on my lips
    I love love love these, go and buy yours now!
    Sophie xx

    Saturday, 19 June 2010

    Amazingly cheap brushes!

    A little while ago, Fiona had a post about a set of 15 nail brushes that she thought could also be used as make up brushes too, so of course after seeing a Benefit Get Bent brush dupe in there I had to check it out, and at a price of 99p + £1.95 p&p (you do the math!) I thought it was a deal not worth missing out on!

    So I think I ordered about maybe 8/9 days ago and as it's coming from Hong Kong expected delivery is 8-15 days. And I was not disappointed -- there's such a variety of brushes and yep, that Get Bent dupe is just perfect!

    Look at how many you get! But the following two are the best I reckon, they're great for eyeliner,

    I really would recommend checking these out, I had no problems that you might expect from ordering half way around the world, have a look here

    Thanks for reading!
    Sophie xx

    Friday, 18 June 2010

    Dazzle Dust Annoying You?

    Hey ladies this should be just a quick post, but I've noticed lately a lot of people who just can't use pigment eyeshadow because of fall out and general annoyingness, which is completely understandable. So what can you do about it?

    If you've got a MAC Paintpot, preferably in a neutral shade, you can use it for this, or plain old vaseline is just as good :)
    Firstly, dab your brush or sponge applicator into your paintpot or Vaseline, but ensure that you just use a little bit if you're using Vaseline so that you don't lose the colour pay off. Then dip it lightly into your paint pot, if you just lightly do it you won't get any fall out. Apply and it'll stay all day!

    Why does this work? Well using a Paintpot acts as a primer which of course will make your eyeshadow last longer and Vaseline will turn the pigment into an almost cream shadow (and you know how much I LOVE cream shadows!)

    Hope this works for you, have a go and tell me what you think!
    Sophie xx

    Thursday, 17 June 2010

    1-2-3 Looks!

    Hey ladies!
    So the other day I saw a suspicious looking package with my name all over it, and with a self-imposed buying ban it couldn't be anything I'd ordered?

    So I opened it, and inside there was the 1-2-3 Looks Mascara, which Rimmel had sent me! This was really exciting, and I got it in the Brown shade.

    Ok, I know you all want to see does it reeeally have 3 different looks? Have a look at these;

    This is look number 1 which gives '3x more volume, for chic day-time volume' 

    Now personally, when I'm doing my mascara I want the most volume, the thickest lashes so this isnt reaaally a look for me. I think it's nice enough, but it's a bit nothingy really.

    So apparently if I turn to 2 I'll get 'up to 5x more volume, for more voluptuous volume'
     Now there's more volume for sure, and I think this makes quite a good lengthener too. This is a much nicer look than no.1 but still, not enough volume!

    So the look I've been waiting for right? Turning to 3 you're promised 'up to 10x more volume, for dramatic volume'. And to be fair I'm actually really impressed, especially considering that this is a brown mascara.
    Hehe you get both my eyes for this one! It's not quite L'oreal Voluminous, but I really really like it, and although the adjustable looks thing is novelty, I'm surprised to say it actually works. However, just one tip guys, if you think you could give up black mascara (even though personally I can't see much of a difference!), buy this in brown! I have the black version and it crumbles down my face throughout the day, by the time I got home in the afternoon I had a rather sooty nose! Not a good look. . 

    Comment, follow :)
    Sophie xx

    Wednesday, 16 June 2010

    Perfect Winged Eyeshadow Trick

    I find that this is a great tip to use when creating an eye look perfect for a night out so I thought I'd share it with you :D

    You can follow these instructions using the picture below :)

    Step 1: Get a credit card, train ticket, ruler (pretty much anything with a straight edge) and align it so that it joins your outer corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow (you can adjust it depending on what you want your wing to look like, but this is a pretty good way of getting it just right)

    Step 2: Smudge your eyeshadow all over your eye and outwards towards the card, I'm using Rimmel Colour Mousse Eyeshadow in Galaxy 

    Step 3: Remove the card, et voila, a perfect eyeshadow wing!

    Sophie xx

    Tuesday, 15 June 2010

    Another freebie!

    Ok I'm sorry this is a bit late, but I only just went out to get my freebie from last week's Grazia (if you've got it, seriously go and get your free hand cream!)

    So basically there's a coupon in last week's Grazia for the Citron, Honey and Coriander 'hand therapy' (or hand cream to you and me) and I was a bit sceptical. I never go to Crabtree and Evelyn,  my Mum's had the occasional gift from family friends from there, but I thought I might as well, nothing to lose. And I was pleasantly surprised. 
    This is what I got;
    Now I was thinking, Citron, Honey and Coriander? That's gonna smell disgusting, but it's such a lovely smell, not kitchen-y at all (I was expecting to smell like a pot of herbs) but really flowery. So if you've still got last week's Grazia I'm begging you go get it, it's free, it's gorgeous and I think the coupon runs out 25th June (can't be sure) so go go go! 

    Find your nearest store here or visit Grazia's website to see what they have to say about it :)

    Sophie xx

    PS Rimmel sent me their new 3 looks mascara so review coming soon!

    Monday, 14 June 2010


    I was trying to think of a really inspiring title for this, but I couldn't, so it's just plain old NOTD :(
    Ah well, on to the nail!
    I was so proud of this, it looks so much better in real life. I basically followed the idea of Leanne's gradient nails, where you apply a base colour (my Barry M blue) and lightly sponge over with lighter shades, using an old eyeshadow applicator sponge! Amazing, I know, I never use those sponges!

    These are the nail varnishes I used
    That's the Collection 2000 Hot Looks in BMX Bandit (love the name, love the colour), and Barry M Nail Paints in Baby Pink and Cobalt Blue. 

    What do you think?
    Sophie x

    Freebies :D

    Now what beauty blog doesn't have these Benefit goodies at the moment?

    Yep, I'm talking about the ones that come free with this month's Glamour, and I kind of bought all 3. I was too embarassed to buy them all from one shop so 2 are from WHSmith and one is from a local newsie, which was a right pain, more about that later.
    (Oh and if you're wondering, that nail varnish was also a freebie, it's the Nails Inc London that came free from Boots when I bought two 500ml coke bottles!)

    So here are some swatches for you, the first is normal and the second image is when I rubbed them in, as all 3 are designed so that you can rub them and smudge them about a bit)
    Ok, so what did I think? The liner is fab, was expecting a bit more colour pay off as I wanted a real 'carbon' black style but when it comes to smudging, it's great! It gives you a real smokey eye in seconds.

    The eye brightener? Yep I liked that too. To be honest for me it's not entirely necessary, as using bare study by MAC kind of does that eye brightening job for me, but it makes a good highlighter for the cupids bow and underneath eyebrows. And my goodness the smudging is heavenly, it rubs in like a dream!

    And lastly mister It Stick. The one that nobody wants :( I don't see why though, I have to admit that at first the colour put me off, a bit too cheapo-foundation-orange for me. Until I rubbed it in. Again, it rubs in so well, I thought I'd have a play with it and it covers under-eye circles, makes a great eyeshadow primer I find, and neutralises the eyelid.

    Go buy all 3 now, it'll only set you back £6!

    So anyways, as I was saying the newsagents trouble. . well of course they would only accept card if I spent over a fiver, so I picked up a Grazia and a More as well. I don't buy more any more (hehe), it's gotten too expensive but I realised my purchase was worth it when I got home to discover I could get a free Dazzle Dust and this is the shade I bought, in Chocolate

    One word; BEAUTIFUL. I'm in love. I've been wanting to buy Mulch by MAC for a while now, and whilst this isn't really a dupe as such (what do you think?) it does the job!

    So that's my freebies for the time being, did anyone else get these? 
    Sophie x

    Tuesday, 8 June 2010

    How To Thread Your Eyebrows

    Just a really quick video for you all, hope you enjoy :) Ignore my voice it sounds really strange
    Also ladies, please follow me, I don't mean that in a I need followers kind of way, but I love reading new blogs and if you follow me I can check yours out too :D

    Thanks everyone :)
    Sophie xx

    Monday, 7 June 2010

    It's Paint Pot Time!

    Ok I've got a new addiction and it's not a cheap one at that. It's the MAC Paintpots and I think they're absolutely amazing. They're so beautiful and really pigmented. You know how I wanted to find something that would do the job of the ELF products? That's these beauties. 

    Brown is Constructivism and the other is Bare Study

    I dont use them with a brush to apply my 217 is too harsh on them and it leaves dents, I use a finger and then use the 217 to blend. They're 13 pounds each but I know they're gonna last forever, they're £1 less than Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadows and there's an extra 0.5g in the MAC Paintpots. I can't tell you how much I love them. I did a 4 hour shift at work (I work at GAME so theres a lot of running around to the store cupboard) and by the end they were still there, and holding on to another brown shadow I use (darkest shade in Metro Quartet by NYC make up -- review coming soon) so they make fab primers too.

    This is what I knocked up using them, bearing in mind its literally only these two and I did it at 7AM and its now, what, 5.45PM? Pretty good going;

    Ooh and can you spy a new fringe there? I got it done today! And even though I had practically the worst hair washer ever (she took half an hour and my face was soaked by the end, how is this possible they wash your hair behind you?!) these amazing eyeshadows stayed in place.

    Have you ever used them? Or got one yourself? And should I go for Painterly too?

    Thanks ladies  
    Sophie x

    PS as soon as Youtube starts letting me upload I'll have a threading your eyebrows tutorial posted right here!

    Tuesday, 1 June 2010

    E.L.F Haul

    A few years ago I discovered the make up brand E.L.F (, and it's actually really reasonable with many things costing just £1.50 -- but you probably know all about it already so I won't go on too much. Anyways, I really hate paying postage and packaging, so whenever I see offers where you don't have to pay it I'm there! So last week they had a free P&P when you spend over a tenner so I thought I'd go for it, and this is what I bought.

    So what did I think? First of all let's start with the goodies. I absolutely love these:

    This is the E.L.F Super Glossy Lip Shine in Candlelight, it suits all skin tones and it's a really pretty colour, it doesn't really last long but it tastes really good. Every time I use it I try and think what it could be but I've still got no idea! I found it good for muting down lips when doing a smoky eye without giving you that kind of my lips are lighter than my skin look that a lot of people go for :)

    I also loved this, it's a All Over Color Stick in Persimmon

    It really is an All Over stick! I used it to highlight cheekbones (just dab a little on the top of your cheekbones and BLEND! This stuff looks pretty funny unblended, trust me, I went out with it unblended and when I got to the restaurant toilets, dear me it looked quite funny!) but it also looks nice as an eyeshadow, just dab and go! And you can dab it on lips too, dab dab dab I've said that word too many times it doesn't look real now hehe

    However, at a price of £1.50 it's not all going to be good. The individual lashes look great, but of course they're very fiddly to apply (goes without saying!) but the glue is a bit rubbish. Saying that, when coming back from a night out, I washed my face and one landed in the sink, I hadn't even noticed one had stayed put!

    Another product I wasn't so keen on was this little fella. It's a Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Pink Lemonade. Now you all know I love lipstick, but this is no lipstick! It's a lipgloss pure and simple and a pretty boring one at that. Not much colour to it and it's a bit muh. That's not even a real word but that's all it is, muh. It doesn't make any difference really and I won't be rebuying.

    Now these babies are a bit hit and miss, they're the Liquid Eyeshadows and I got them in Sultry Satin (the paler shade) and Mocha Madness. Even the names are a bit odd.

    Now I really love the colours, but the application is a bit strange. The lighter shade is fine, but the darker one goes really patchy, you would think it was the other way round though wouldn't you, looking at my swatches (forgive the swatches, my camera was dying and wouldn't focus!) Also, they take forever to dry. This is what the website says about them: 

    The pigment rich Liquid Eyeshadow dries to a water tight finish to give endless staying power so you can take your look from day to night without looking faded. The colors won't crease or smear, and they won't budge until you take them off. An alternative to traditional eye shadows, these lightweight colors are exceptionally gentle for a silky smooth finish. The quick dry formula allows for fast and easy application.

    Sounds great, right? I suppose what they say is true, but quick dry? No way! And if I wipe my finger over them when they're applied it transfers to my skin!

    Ok I think that's enough, sorry for a super long post but I'm off to Yorkshire for 5 days and thought I'd give you something to read! Have you been on E.L.F before? Seen anything you like? Or anything you've bought? Lemme know!

    Hasta luego chicas,
    Sophie x