Answers to Your Questions

Quite often I get questions asked in comments on my blog posts, and I know I often forget to check for responses when I post on other blogs, so if you ask a question on any of my posts I will post them here as soon as I can :)

Do you have any recommendations for NYC make up? 
Generally, I think most of their make up is really good quality. Products I love are their eyeliners (the super long pencil ones are long lasting and better than MAC's if I'm honest). I also really like their false eyelashes, however you need to use your own glue with them, as they say theirs are self-adhesive. They're not. I like their mosaic colour wheels, the eyeshadow ones are a bit strange (especially when they crumble into one colour in your bag...) but the face ones are nice. Look out for their nail varnishes too.