Thursday, 27 January 2011

My Hair History (and Cheryl Cole Mahogany. . .)

I actually love these posts, so thought I'd do one too. I then realised how boring I am with my hair but oh well!

Okay for about 12 years of my life I had really long, mid brown hair with a centre parting. We don't need to see that. But then it all changed and I decided to get a side fringe;

Then I cut it all off (kept the side fringe though)

Had a very awkward regrowth stage. . 

But kept growing it anyway, discovering curling tongs and blackish brown hair dye on the way

Cut it a bit shorter, and decided to use Sun-In. On almost black hair. NOT A GOOD MOVE PEOPLE.

 Only sun in'd the top layers so ended up with a gross gingery brown colour with mousy brown roots and dark brown bits underneath. Oh dear indeed.

Dyed my hair dark dark dark (even though the instructions said don't dye pre-bleached hair, I'm a rebel like that) and stuck in some Primark hair extensions (yes really)

 Got my trusty side fringe back, only for the hairdresser to cut it in a really weird way, so that my only choice was to pull it over in to a 'full' fringe

Spent about 6 months wondering how to get this new fringe (that was supposed to be a side) to work

But gave up and got a full fringe. In summer. High maintenance or what!? (also I think I was pulling a weird face in this photo. . )
 Full fringe got too much so yet again started sweeping it to the side (vicious circle)

By winter got so annoyed at this fringe business I found new ways to keep it off my face (something which my 14 year old self would NEVER have done)

Oh and what do we have here, 5 months later, in the Spring of 2010 I got a fringe back.

And yet more awkward fringe business (september '10)
Most recently, I kept pretty much the hairstyle up there, but added in flicky layers which I LOVE. This is taken a few weeks after I dyed it with the Nice n' Easy foam. IT HAD NOT FADED and it's darker than this IRL. Beyond impressed. .

And then I decided to put the Cheryl Cole hair dye on (L'oreal Casting in 550 Mahogany)
on dark brown hair and it's given me a reddish tint which you can see in the light and I love it as it gives my hair an 'edge' and makes it look less flat and I may consider doing it permanently

And that's my hair history, I hope I didn't bore you to sleep, and please link me yours if you have one!

Love Sophie xx

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

What Do You Think Of Tea Tree?

I'm tired and lazy so stock images today I'm afraid ;)

A couple of weeks ago I had my lady time and as per usual my skin went a bit crap. Add a new foundation in to the mix and my face was starting to resemble a pizza. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating but nonetheless I headed straight to Superdrug and got myself some concentrated tea tree oil (£2.99 for 10ml)
I would like to add that it took me about 5 minutes to work out why this one cost the same for 5ml. Then I realised it was 100% and that it came with a rather scary warning of although it's a natural product, dilute it to 1% first or your skin will explode (okay not really but still I do not have the time to dilute it for myself)

It smelt really familiar so my guessing is is that Tea Tree is actually in quite a lot of those 'on the spot' (or something equally witty) spot treatments. I think it has worked. I have had no more spots appearing and these current ones are actually showing signs of disappearing.

So I guess I caught the Tea Tree bug and with a face of dry skin (not linked to the Tea Tree Oil, but probably linked to aforementioned foundation and cold weather) I wanted a new face scrub. And then Boots had to have a 2 for £5 deal so I bought a peel off face mask too.

And I have a lovely radiant face (well in a dark room maybe with a bedside lamp on) which is showing signs of clearing up. And of course I love anything peely so the face mask is perfect for me, I love how it actually feels like you're pulling out dirt! Ha no placebo effect or anything. . .

But please let me know your experiences with Tea Tree oil, what are your HG skincare products?

Love Sophie xx

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Foam Hair Dyes - A Comparison

In the past couple of months I've used both the John Frieda and Nice 'n Easy versions of foam hair dye, and I thought I'd do a comparison for you

Nice 'n Easy £6.99
John Frieda £9.99

First Impressions
John Frieda's definitely looks like it costs more (and it does) and I might've got a bit too excited over the fact that it provides you with black gloves. To be honest, Nice 'n Easy's looks just like any other hairdye.

 John Frieda's seemed to magically turn into a foam, whereas Nice and Easy's (sorry cannot be bothered to abbrieviate the 'and' in their name anymore) went foamy but also really runny and quite wet.

 I only managed to get a  picture of the John Frieda foam (was stressing too much when trying to get Nice and Easy's more foamy!) but as you can see it looks like liquid and comes out like foam!

JF applies more like a shampoo, whereas the NE one applied just like a regular hair dye. Both were fine, but if you're going for the novelty factor then JF wins hands down in this respect.

Both had nice smells, however Nice and Easy's was very sweet, like sweets and it did have the tinge of ammonia smell that made my eyes water. I also think Nice and Easy's was a bit messier, probably because it was more liquidy than JFs.

John Frieda One Month On 
ie the night I used Nice and Easy's
I dyed it a 'dark chocolate brown', and it faded quite a bit, ignoring the roots! Despite it's promises to remove orange/red tones (put your hands up if you get those too!) you can see that they're still present.

This is the final result of Nice and Easy's, taken this morning
Not an orange hair in sight!

Which would I recommend?

If you want to treat yourself. . John Frieda
If you're not too fussed about the foam aspect. . Nice 'n Easy
If you'd prefer a (rather generous and lovely smelling) tube of deep condtioner. . John Frieda

If you have any more questions just ask

Love Sophie xx