Saturday, 19 February 2011

Woops. .

Sorry everyone I'm a total dipstick 
I totally forgot to tell you what shade it is!
It's Pearl Shade 12 and you can see it on the website here

Thank you for all your comments!


MAC Club Dupe. . For £1?

If you're not familiar with MAC Club Eyeshadow, it's a beautiful duochrome shade with hints of green and reddish brown. I've wanted it for a very long time, but I read that it's one of those eyeshadows that might not suit everyone.

So when I saw this when I was browsing the Superdrug aisles I knew I recognised that greeny tone from somewhere. . . 

This is AMAZING. I haven't tried it without a primer, but with UDPP it lasts from the moment I put it on to the moment I take it off, so around 15 hours. When it's packed on it's a lovely blue green and when blended out it goes to a super flattering brown shade. I don't have MAC Club but what I've seen from Google images, this is an almost perfect dupe.

You can see the more brownish side of this eyeshadow in these swatches, but you can see the shimmer of it in the blended swatch (the bottom one)

This is from one eyeshadow. Yes one. You can see where I blended it in the crease the browner side of the eyeshadow really came through

I love this eyeshadow so much I'm not lusting after Club so much now. . .

What do you think ladies?

Love Sophie xx

Thursday, 17 February 2011

I Love Ebay

I love Ebay, you can get the most amazing things for such great prices so when I found these earrings I was so happy, and then I saw the price and was even happier

You can find these earrings here for only £2.50 with free delivery

I love love love the jewellery this ebayer sells, and I ordered Friday lunch time and she had posted them so I got them Saturday morning, seriously impressed!

Are you an ebay fan?

Love Sophie xx

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Valentines featuring Revlon Liquid Lipstick

Hello everyone!

Well considering I'm very single I didn't have a Valentines this year, but me and my friends went out for Pizza, so I decided to do a red lip, something I hardly ever ever do

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick in Top Tomato - £8.99

I have a love/hate relationship with this 'lipstick'. It lasts for ages, which means it can be terrible to get off at night, and if you apply it too thickly it starts to form balls of red lipcolour. However the pigmentation is incredible and I love the colour
I find the best way to apply it is to dab it on, wipe the excess off the applicator and then rub it in using that. And try not to reapply because that just gets messy!

What did you do for Valentines day?

Love Sophie xx

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

It's Gross But I Love It

That is all.