Saturday, 19 February 2011

MAC Club Dupe. . For £1?

If you're not familiar with MAC Club Eyeshadow, it's a beautiful duochrome shade with hints of green and reddish brown. I've wanted it for a very long time, but I read that it's one of those eyeshadows that might not suit everyone.

So when I saw this when I was browsing the Superdrug aisles I knew I recognised that greeny tone from somewhere. . . 

This is AMAZING. I haven't tried it without a primer, but with UDPP it lasts from the moment I put it on to the moment I take it off, so around 15 hours. When it's packed on it's a lovely blue green and when blended out it goes to a super flattering brown shade. I don't have MAC Club but what I've seen from Google images, this is an almost perfect dupe.

You can see the more brownish side of this eyeshadow in these swatches, but you can see the shimmer of it in the blended swatch (the bottom one)

This is from one eyeshadow. Yes one. You can see where I blended it in the crease the browner side of the eyeshadow really came through

I love this eyeshadow so much I'm not lusting after Club so much now. . .

What do you think ladies?

Love Sophie xx


  1. I guessing this is MUA? What shade is it? xoxo

  2. That is such a lovely colour, and for only a £1 too! You can't go wrong with it I think.
    Which number is it by the way? As I don't think you said in your post and I'm quite keen to try it (: x

  3. Oh wow that's gorgeous! It really makes your eyes pop :) and I know you just have perfect eyebrows fullstop, but in the eye picture, your brow looks amazing! xxxx

  4. Thats amazing!! I really want to get it now, and just for A QUID! great review! xx