Wednesday, 27 April 2011

DIY Ombre Hair on Dark Dyed Hair

Hi everyone

All this sun has made me want lighter hair so I decided to take the plunge and finally lighten the ends of my hair.

This is just a quick post to show you how I ombre'd my hair, despite having dark dyed reddish brown hair I managed to do it, despite what everyone says.

First of all I'll show you how I wanted it to look;

Firstly I whacked on this stuff, after doing strand tests I decided to leave this on for 55 minutes

And then I decided to tone down the reddish tinge I have in my hair by using a permanent ash brown colour from Garnier, I'm pretty sure it was this one...

I didn't use this on the bleached ends, only on the top half 

Then it looked like this,

Which I did like but it looked a little bit toooo ginger for my liking, so I popped off to Boots and bought some semi permanent dye, making sure it was a more golden colour after reading many scary stories about using ash tones on bleached hair and it going green, yeeeah no.

I didn't leave this on for the full 20 minutes as apparently bleached hair takes dye much quicker, (you can tell I did a lotttt of research right?!) and instead left it on for 15

And thiiiis is the final result, just how I wanted it

Here's a before and after for you


As long as you get your timings right, I say you CAN ombre your hair even if it's dyed dark!

Just so you know, Boots have a 3 for 2 across allll hair products at the mo so this cost me under £15, much less than a hairdresser would ever have costed I say

Love Sophie xx


  1. It looks so good, I really want to do this! x

  2. it looks amaaazinggg

  3. turned out well! some people would pay alot of money at a salon to get exactly the same done xx

  4. That's brilliant, I might give it a go myself!! xoxo

  5. Wow it looks amazing, I love it!xx

  6. Oooooh it looks gorgeous lovely!

    If only my hair was long enough so I could ombre! xo

  7. Wow! I was looking for a way to this, thank you!
    My hairdresser said it would cost me as much as 180 euro's so I'll give this a try first, thanks!

  8. Your hair looks amazing! So you bleached the ends then did the brown dye at the top or all over? I don't want mine to come out too blonde but yours looks just right :-)

  9. wow looks so GOOD. I paid a hairdresser heeaaps to have this done and it ended up nowhere near this good:) definitely have to try this x

  10. thank you so much for posting this,my hair went that gingery gold at the tips and i had no idea how to soften it to the desired caramelly colour

  11. Perfection!!! Thanks for the tips!!!

  12. been wanting to do this for ages and this has really helped me, im going to do it just how you've done yours only i have much much longer hair

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  14. Love it! It is exactly what I want. I'm confused though. I thought that if you want to get orange/red out of your hair you are supposed to dye it an ash brown color since it counteracts the orange, rather than using a red based dye which will make it more orange? Help? I would like to ombre my hair :)

  15. I want my hair like this! This is the perfect dip dye :)

  16. perfect! I want that so bad, but im too scared itll turn out bad :/
    Guess itll take a lot of research and guts.

  17. smart I do that exact thing on my client way to get the job done cheap , bleach then tone to desire color & ur right if u bleach firstalways use a warm color to tone or the bleach gets a green or purple ting