Saturday, 25 June 2011

Boudoir Privé?

Hey ladies!

Just found this new website, looks like another Glossybox style thing?
Apparently it'll be reasonable and have 6 products? But everyone's being a bit negative over this months glossy box... reckon this one will go the same way? hmmm

Let me know what you think, you can enter your email address for an 'exclusive invitation' (cringe) here

Love Sophie xx


  1. Ive signed up because I'm interested to see if it's any different to Glossy Box. I am hoping that next month's glossy box will be better. I think they've received so many complaints about this one that they'll probably pull their socks up.

  2. Hi Sophie! It's Veronica from Boudoir Prive. Thanks for the blog post mention.
    @Glitterish Allsorts: Though similar in concept, Boudoir Prive is about discovery. We are more than a box of luxury miniatures for £10 a month (inc shipping). As a community of beauty enthusiasts we send you 6 high-end miniatures-1 from haircare, skincare, bodycare, make-up, fragrance and lifestyle to try, see if it works, fall in love with and purchase from our site. The brands we work with are exclusively luxury. Not necessarily the most famous. So some you know, others not. All have been carefully selected by our experts for being the best quality. Some even have celebrity fans. If you have anymore questions, just shout!

  3. In reply to your comment.... Cuba is a great place! And would be perfect for your degree - Spanish and all. I am actually quite jealous - I did A level French and Spanish and originally applied to university to do that, but I changed my course after the first week as I was struggling :( xx

  4. Love your header, and Hmm I'm thinking about joining!


  5. Where are you girrrrl? Miss you! xo