Friday, 28 May 2010

another lipstick, only this time not so good

So you know how every once in a while Max Factor treats us to one of those make up bags full of minatures when you spend 15 pounds or something? Well I found the most amazing purple shade. Now I know what you're thinking, purple? That sounds kinda gross. . but it's gorgeous. It's a kind of pinkish purple, in shade Midnight Plum (it's actually in their darker skinned range), but look at the size of it

It's not going to last long, but instead of paying the £12 or whatever it is for the full size I thought I'd try another brand. Not a good move. I went for the Maybelline Color Sensational in Midnight Plum. Oh my goodness, they're even called the same name! That is seriously weird. But anyways, they're not the same colour, oh no.

Here it is in all its glory

Ok it doesn't look so bad here, but it tastes DISGUSTING. Kind of like play dough I think, maybe parma violets thrown in there to try and fool you into thinking it's not too bad. Ugh. And to make matters worse, as gorgeous and sophisticated as the packaging is, look what Boots did to it with its stupid security labels!

As you can see it has that kind of pearlescent hint to it, which some people may love, but for me, it really doesn't look right and it makes my lips look so much smaller, which I know dark lipsticks are meant to do but Midnight Plum - the Max Factor one! - doesn't at all. What are your experiences with the Color Sensational range? Have you discovered any nicer shades?

Sophie x

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