Sunday, 30 May 2010

Contouring with a BLUSHER?

Ok to be fair, it's not really a blusher as such. Ok well it is considering it's a MAC Powder Blush but it's not really an apply-on-your-apples kinda blush for me. I bought it in shade Harmony (Matte) because it has absolutely NO sparkly bits, and personally I think sparkles are better for blushers (the apply-on-your-apples kind), highlighters and bronzers. It doesn't dry my skin out despite being a powder, and powders usually have that effect on me.

So this is what it looks like (that's the H&M angled face brush, I think it cost something silly like £2.99 and I bought it in the Kingston store)

And this is my super speedy not so great application for you;

Bear in mind this is after a looong day at work so my foundation/blusher is pretty much non-existant. The way i achieved this was using this kind of motion

Don't forget to pop back later to see what else I have to babble on about, and you know if you let me know you're reading it'll make my day :D

Sophie x


  1. I'm crap with contouring and highlighting lol I never really know what i'm doing but I think that blush looks lovely on you as a contour
    I've followed and im looking forward to reading more posts :)

  2. aw thanks guys you've made my day :) I learnt by following youtube videos, if you've got a spare 5 minutes try pixiwoos video at

  3. Hi! I love your blog :D
    I wanted to ask if you could do a review in the H&M brush.
    Thanks :)