Saturday, 13 November 2010

Cleaning Brushes?

My name is Sophie and I'm incredibly lazy.

There I said it.

Therefore I need a super easy way to clean my favourite brush ever in the whole wide world

It's the Sigma F80 and it is AMAZING

But its a bit of a mess :(

Cheap and easy ways to clean brushes por favor? Preferably with things I'll already have in my house?

And while I'm here, what's your favourite ever ever brush?

Sophie xx


  1. i usually just take a makeup wipe and swirl the brush around in it after I use it, then once a week/2 weeks i use baby shampoo/anti bacterial handwash and wash it that way :)

  2. Haha that is a bit of a messs! I love the F80 and the new F82 Sigma brush and I just use shampoo or shower gel on mine, works a treat. x

  3. I'm really lazy with my brushes too! Any sort of gentle antibacterial soap will do. I don't bother with buying the brush cleansers, I just tend to use baby shampoo. Even a facial cleanser should be fine! Make sure you lather and rinse a few times as there is always some makeup left hidden in the bristles somewhere, foundation brushes especially are a nightmare for that, especially if you haven't cleaned them for a while :) My favourite brush, or the one I use most often, is the sigma kabuki (the MAC 182 equivalent!).
    - beth x

  4. Baby shampoo or Dove soap works best for me. If you want it super soft then whack on a bit of conditioner and leave it for a minute, then rinse. :)

  5. Not cheap but easy way is to buy the Clinique brush cleanser. I love it, only need a tiny bit, and hardly any 'elbow grease'.

    I think Elf do two different ones- one for daily washing, and one for proper cleansing. At the price, It's worth trying them out.. I can't recommend them though as I haven't purchased them!

  6. I'm not sure it's the best way to clean brushes, but if you run warm water in your sink and add some normal shampoo on your brushes, hold them under the water and brush through them with your fingers til they're clean, that's what I do :) (cheapskate me that won't buy brush shampoo)

    haha my favourite blush is actually a fluffy babyliss eyeshadow brush, ilove it!

  7. I absolutely LOVE my Bare Minerals concealer brush. I just started using it recently, and it really helps minimize the look of blemishes. I need to clean my brushes soon! I actually meant to as soon as I got home from work... I usually use shampoo on them after they're wet, preferably baby shampoo because it's more gentle, then rinse and air dry them.

  8. I use my shampoo and conditioner, as noted above the conditioner will soften the brush - as it does with your hair!

  9. I wash my stippling brush like i would my barbie's hair :) That sounds a bit wierd, but basicly wet the brush, massage in some plain old shampoo or hand wash, and rinse it out in a gently. I pat the brush with a towel, and leave it to dry with the brush side down in a cup. It really only takes a minute or something, so I like it! Sorry for the loooonnnnggg comment haaha xxxxxxx

  10. i use shower gel and olive oil to clean my brushes, also alcohol to disinfect them, not a whole of alcohol because it can damage the bristles.