Thursday, 27 January 2011

My Hair History (and Cheryl Cole Mahogany. . .)

I actually love these posts, so thought I'd do one too. I then realised how boring I am with my hair but oh well!

Okay for about 12 years of my life I had really long, mid brown hair with a centre parting. We don't need to see that. But then it all changed and I decided to get a side fringe;

Then I cut it all off (kept the side fringe though)

Had a very awkward regrowth stage. . 

But kept growing it anyway, discovering curling tongs and blackish brown hair dye on the way

Cut it a bit shorter, and decided to use Sun-In. On almost black hair. NOT A GOOD MOVE PEOPLE.

 Only sun in'd the top layers so ended up with a gross gingery brown colour with mousy brown roots and dark brown bits underneath. Oh dear indeed.

Dyed my hair dark dark dark (even though the instructions said don't dye pre-bleached hair, I'm a rebel like that) and stuck in some Primark hair extensions (yes really)

 Got my trusty side fringe back, only for the hairdresser to cut it in a really weird way, so that my only choice was to pull it over in to a 'full' fringe

Spent about 6 months wondering how to get this new fringe (that was supposed to be a side) to work

But gave up and got a full fringe. In summer. High maintenance or what!? (also I think I was pulling a weird face in this photo. . )
 Full fringe got too much so yet again started sweeping it to the side (vicious circle)

By winter got so annoyed at this fringe business I found new ways to keep it off my face (something which my 14 year old self would NEVER have done)

Oh and what do we have here, 5 months later, in the Spring of 2010 I got a fringe back.

And yet more awkward fringe business (september '10)
Most recently, I kept pretty much the hairstyle up there, but added in flicky layers which I LOVE. This is taken a few weeks after I dyed it with the Nice n' Easy foam. IT HAD NOT FADED and it's darker than this IRL. Beyond impressed. .

And then I decided to put the Cheryl Cole hair dye on (L'oreal Casting in 550 Mahogany)
on dark brown hair and it's given me a reddish tint which you can see in the light and I love it as it gives my hair an 'edge' and makes it look less flat and I may consider doing it permanently

And that's my hair history, I hope I didn't bore you to sleep, and please link me yours if you have one!

Love Sophie xx


  1. I used L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss Mahogany for about 4 months but I put it on bleach blonde hair.
    So basically it came out super red haha and then faded to a nice auburn colour.
    However, I get bored stupidly fast and have removed it all with Colour b4 :D

  2. i think red red would suit you so well sophie :) x