Tuesday, 11 January 2011

What Do You Think Of Tea Tree?

I'm tired and lazy so stock images today I'm afraid ;)

A couple of weeks ago I had my lady time and as per usual my skin went a bit crap. Add a new foundation in to the mix and my face was starting to resemble a pizza. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating but nonetheless I headed straight to Superdrug and got myself some concentrated tea tree oil (£2.99 for 10ml)
I would like to add that it took me about 5 minutes to work out why this one cost the same for 5ml. Then I realised it was 100% and that it came with a rather scary warning of although it's a natural product, dilute it to 1% first or your skin will explode (okay not really but still I do not have the time to dilute it for myself)

It smelt really familiar so my guessing is is that Tea Tree is actually in quite a lot of those 'on the spot' (or something equally witty) spot treatments. I think it has worked. I have had no more spots appearing and these current ones are actually showing signs of disappearing.

So I guess I caught the Tea Tree bug and with a face of dry skin (not linked to the Tea Tree Oil, but probably linked to aforementioned foundation and cold weather) I wanted a new face scrub. And then Boots had to have a 2 for £5 deal so I bought a peel off face mask too.

And I have a lovely radiant face (well in a dark room maybe with a bedside lamp on) which is showing signs of clearing up. And of course I love anything peely so the face mask is perfect for me, I love how it actually feels like you're pulling out dirt! Ha no placebo effect or anything. . .

But please let me know your experiences with Tea Tree oil, what are your HG skincare products?

Love Sophie xx


  1. The Boots facemask and also the nighttime gel are really good! Witchhazel is amazing too x

  2. i use the tea tree foam cleanser from superdrug and i like it (:,xx

  3. i use the tea tree spot stick from superdrug! i swear by it! put it on before you go to bed, and it kind of dissolves the spot, its so good :D xxx

  4. I swear by my little roll on tea tree oil during my time of the month, it does sting a little, but it seems to work really quickly, other than that though I don't really use it for anything else.

    I'm loving your blog, so I'm your newest follower! :) xxx


  5. I use the Superdrug tea tree stick (the one like a lipgloss. Lol) Which I think helps a lot. Helps fade the marks left by spots.

    I also use, which may be useful, "L'Oreal Perfect Clean Purifying Foaming Gel Wash". I think it helps massively - well for me anyways :) xx