Tuesday, 1 June 2010

E.L.F Haul

A few years ago I discovered the make up brand E.L.F (www.eyeslipsface.co.uk), and it's actually really reasonable with many things costing just £1.50 -- but you probably know all about it already so I won't go on too much. Anyways, I really hate paying postage and packaging, so whenever I see offers where you don't have to pay it I'm there! So last week they had a free P&P when you spend over a tenner so I thought I'd go for it, and this is what I bought.

So what did I think? First of all let's start with the goodies. I absolutely love these:

This is the E.L.F Super Glossy Lip Shine in Candlelight, it suits all skin tones and it's a really pretty colour, it doesn't really last long but it tastes really good. Every time I use it I try and think what it could be but I've still got no idea! I found it good for muting down lips when doing a smoky eye without giving you that kind of my lips are lighter than my skin look that a lot of people go for :)

I also loved this, it's a All Over Color Stick in Persimmon

It really is an All Over stick! I used it to highlight cheekbones (just dab a little on the top of your cheekbones and BLEND! This stuff looks pretty funny unblended, trust me, I went out with it unblended and when I got to the restaurant toilets, dear me it looked quite funny!) but it also looks nice as an eyeshadow, just dab and go! And you can dab it on lips too, dab dab dab I've said that word too many times it doesn't look real now hehe

However, at a price of £1.50 it's not all going to be good. The individual lashes look great, but of course they're very fiddly to apply (goes without saying!) but the glue is a bit rubbish. Saying that, when coming back from a night out, I washed my face and one landed in the sink, I hadn't even noticed one had stayed put!

Another product I wasn't so keen on was this little fella. It's a Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Pink Lemonade. Now you all know I love lipstick, but this is no lipstick! It's a lipgloss pure and simple and a pretty boring one at that. Not much colour to it and it's a bit muh. That's not even a real word but that's all it is, muh. It doesn't make any difference really and I won't be rebuying.

Now these babies are a bit hit and miss, they're the Liquid Eyeshadows and I got them in Sultry Satin (the paler shade) and Mocha Madness. Even the names are a bit odd.

Now I really love the colours, but the application is a bit strange. The lighter shade is fine, but the darker one goes really patchy, you would think it was the other way round though wouldn't you, looking at my swatches (forgive the swatches, my camera was dying and wouldn't focus!) Also, they take forever to dry. This is what the website says about them: 

The pigment rich Liquid Eyeshadow dries to a water tight finish to give endless staying power so you can take your look from day to night without looking faded. The colors won't crease or smear, and they won't budge until you take them off. An alternative to traditional eye shadows, these lightweight colors are exceptionally gentle for a silky smooth finish. The quick dry formula allows for fast and easy application.

Sounds great, right? I suppose what they say is true, but quick dry? No way! And if I wipe my finger over them when they're applied it transfers to my skin!

Ok I think that's enough, sorry for a super long post but I'm off to Yorkshire for 5 days and thought I'd give you something to read! Have you been on E.L.F before? Seen anything you like? Or anything you've bought? Lemme know!

Hasta luego chicas,
Sophie x

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  1. I still haven't tried anything from this brand yet. I'm like you though and would only order if I had a free delivery code The all over cover stick sounds so good! :) xx