Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Max Factor 2000 Calorie

is my favourite mascara, ever!

I know, I know it looks proper dated but I love the brush, I love the formula and I love the effect it has on my eyelashes!

I do already have fairly long eyelashes however they are really lacking in volume. Somehow this mascara manages to double the amount of eyelashes I have and its also ultra black, which I love!

I also really like the fact that it can hold a curl!! If you look back at previous mascara posts that I've done you'll see my eyelashes used to kind of droop to the side, not with this baby!

I think it retails for about £8? But you can always pick it up from ebay for much less

What mascara are you loving?
love Sophie xx


  1. wow you have insane lashes!!!

    Im loving Benefit Bad Gal mescara atm.


  2. Can't believe your lashes are crazy long. I think I hate you woman!

    On another note, I've heard this is a fab mascara, L'oreal's Vouminous is retty good too although some may think it's dated, nonetheless, one of the best mascaras out there! xo

  3. How can you guarantee that what you buy from e bay is the real deal? Would love the discount but have heard loads of stories about fake products.

    R x

  4. you have the most amazing eyelashes i have ever seen! Im so jealous!
    nice post - im your newest follower :)

    think i might just try out this mascara!