Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Embracing The Pale

This is a much requested post that I've been meaning to do for ages!

As I'm sure you all know I am quite pale, half the foundations I own are called Ivory! However I do have freckles and fortunately (even though I hate them!) they do warm up my face a bit. Yet in these winter months I always feel as if my skin is grey and that I have really uneven pigmentation on my face. Which is why I am a foundation addict.

I don't use foundation to cover up my skin, however I do like a heavier coverage. In recent months however, there has been a definite increase in brands offering sheer yet 'flawless' foundations, and I'm rather partial to those too!

For the time being though, I'm going to be discussing the following foundations, and most of them are in the palest shades available. I would love to do a post on foundations for darker skintones, but I don't know much about that do I!

At the end of the post I'll be showing rubbed in swatches and other alternatives which I love

Revlon ColorStay in Sand Beige
I love this foundation, despite buying a shade too dark. It lasts ages and is quite high coverage. I mix this with Healthy Mix
Revlon Beyond Natural in Light and Light/Medium
This foundation is a sheerer one. As you can see the pale is really pale and the medium is quite, orange. I think it's because these two are really old, but the white turning to your ideal shade is a bit of a gimmick. Wouldn't really recommend.

Rimmel Stay Matte in 100 Ivory
I do like this foundation as it does keep you matte without the need for powder but the shade is so OFF. It is nowhere near ivory, quite orange and I'm disappointed in Rimmel for this :( Medium to high coverage.

Bourjois Healthy Mix in Vanille Clair 51
Possibly my favourite foundation ever. I've repurchased this many times (it's currently £6.99 in Boots) and I even bought the matching concealer which if I'm honest, I prefer to Touche Eclat. Medium coverage but it's buildable and doesn't cake. I LOVE THIS!

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Ivory
I really liked this foundation, but it is still a bit too orange. It's one of those ones that looks fine at first, but whilst out you realise you have a severe case of different colour face to neck syndrome. Medium buildable coverage and feels lovely to the touch.

Max Factor Lasting Performance in Pastelle
The packaging on this one makes me shake my head in disapproval. It's so . . cheap! Fairly pale and quite heavy coverage but not that flattering.

MAC Face and Body in N2
 You all know I love this one! It sets like jelly. Haha that was a really bad metaphor but what I mean is it sets really nicely. Oily girls might need a bit of powder though but I love this.

Here are all the foundations rubbed in a bit

Other Foundations I Like

  • The palest Face and Body is great for mixing with foundations that you find too dark
  • Sleek offer the lightest and darkest foundations you'll find in Superdrug
Let me know what your favourites are!
Love Sophie xx


  1. I love MAC studio fix, and Im thinking about getting MAC studio sculpt.
    Have you ever used revlon colour stay? I've seen so many good reviews, Im thinking about getting it, but was so disappointed with revlon photo ready! eugh!

  2. I've used Studio Sculpt, my oh my is that high coverage! i loved it though, very thick and luxurious! x

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  4. I find CoverGirl in ivory or classic ivory really looks great on and blends in nicely. They actually understand that pale girls need some cover up as well! I'm super pale so I definitely know what you go through in finding the perfect shade that isn't orange!

  5. so many foundations! im really tempted by the face and body but really should not give in to the urge! x

  6. It's so shameful that I've bought all of these foundations, and so many more in my quest for perfect, pale skin.
    I'm also the palest in every foundation and my favourites are: Revlon Colourstay, Laura Mercier Creme silk, Bourjois 10 hours sleep (if you like the Healthy Mix, then this is a sheery, more dewy version, love it).

  7. I find it hard to find a good pale foundation, I'm like a milk bottle and I refuse to wear fake tan. I like Revlon Colourstay when it comes to going out at night as people can't tell you're wearing such a heavy foundation. I purchased Max Factor's Second Skin last Christmas as I'm a sucker to finding a natural finish foundation. I thought I might get away with not getting the lightest foundation, so I opted for the second lightest. Big mistake. I should always stick to the lightest shade so now I use the darker one as a contour to make my face a bit more defined. Although I like Second Skin, I'm still definately on the look out for a great, natural looking foundation that will still make you look flawless.

  8. i loved this post, really helpful and well written x

  9. Very useful, thanks :) I'm really pale too and I actually have tried so many foundations and never seem to be able to find a good one!

  10. I've only just looked through older comments on my blog and realised you told me you were going to do a pale foundation post. I must say, you are a god send, and I will be sure to go and test some of these out next time I'm in town. Thankyou, really helpful post :)