Monday, 25 October 2010

Guess The Brand + No7 Vouchers Giveaway

When I saw this in my friend's box of nail varnishes I had to use it!

And now I want you to guess the brand of it!

I'll give you a clue, it's high end!

I also have a few No.7 £5 off vouchers (you know the ones) that I really shouldn't use, so if you fancy taking one off my hands include your email with your guess

To make it fair, I won't publish any of your guesses until the 'giveaway' (pah!) closes on
Friday 29th October at 11am

Get guessing ladies!

Sophie xx

PS Nice long blogpost coming up on foundations for paler skintones!


  1. i have a feeling it's givenchy!xxx

  2. Givenchy Vernis Miroir Nail Colour? This took me about 20 minutes to research I never knew they did nail polish! I liked having to really search for the answer good idea for giveaway xx

  3. Ok, im not entering as they would be no use to me in the chanel islands..but i know the answer!!! Its Givanchy right??! :) xx

  4. Oh and something totally unrelated to this post (sorry!)

    what MAC shade are you sophie? If your NC 20 check out my latest post....i thinking of doing a swap xx