Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Oh Hello Free Make Up!

Hey lovely ladies :)

I've been a terrible blogger lately but I wanted to tell you about this, this is one for all you Benefit/Elle lovers out there!

I love Elle magazine and I buy it every couple of months, as it is quite expensive. So when I saw the offer of 6 issues for £6 + free Justine Case travel kit I had to subscribe. My Justine Case arrived 6 days after I ordered (I reckon the people at Elle have a thing for the number 6!)

The offer ends on the 10th November and it is payable by Direct Debit

So until March I'll be enjoying my £1 Elles (and making sure I cancel the Direct Debit of £16.80 for the next 6 before then!)

Click here to view the offer

Have a lovely evening
Love Sophie xx


  1. What a bargain! I was temped to sign up but I'm sure it said you could only cancel a direct debit after a minimum of 12 issues :( xx

  2. oh that is abit speedy isn't it! Normally free gifts take forever to arrive!

    Great offer isn't it.

    Fee x

  3. I think it is 12 issues, woops! oh well it's still a good deal.
    Fee I saw you did a post on this just after I ordered mine, seriously strange! xx

  4. yaay everyone loves a bit of free make up :) im very tempted to go for the offer myself now too!

    i just found your blog btw... its so lovely! you have a new follower :) <33