Thursday, 17 June 2010

1-2-3 Looks!

Hey ladies!
So the other day I saw a suspicious looking package with my name all over it, and with a self-imposed buying ban it couldn't be anything I'd ordered?

So I opened it, and inside there was the 1-2-3 Looks Mascara, which Rimmel had sent me! This was really exciting, and I got it in the Brown shade.

Ok, I know you all want to see does it reeeally have 3 different looks? Have a look at these;

This is look number 1 which gives '3x more volume, for chic day-time volume' 

Now personally, when I'm doing my mascara I want the most volume, the thickest lashes so this isnt reaaally a look for me. I think it's nice enough, but it's a bit nothingy really.

So apparently if I turn to 2 I'll get 'up to 5x more volume, for more voluptuous volume'
 Now there's more volume for sure, and I think this makes quite a good lengthener too. This is a much nicer look than no.1 but still, not enough volume!

So the look I've been waiting for right? Turning to 3 you're promised 'up to 10x more volume, for dramatic volume'. And to be fair I'm actually really impressed, especially considering that this is a brown mascara.
Hehe you get both my eyes for this one! It's not quite L'oreal Voluminous, but I really really like it, and although the adjustable looks thing is novelty, I'm surprised to say it actually works. However, just one tip guys, if you think you could give up black mascara (even though personally I can't see much of a difference!), buy this in brown! I have the black version and it crumbles down my face throughout the day, by the time I got home in the afternoon I had a rather sooty nose! Not a good look. . 

Comment, follow :)
Sophie xx


  1. oooh it looks good (:. in response to your comment on my blog post, the barrym 101 is a nice colour however on the lips it looks like chalk and drys into the cracks in my lips after 30 mins. not a good look haha!,X

  2. wow it almost looks like you have false eyelashes on! love it!

  3. sophie, i have to ask how bloggers always say that brands have just 'sent' them stuff.. did they just randomly send you over a sample or did you order one ? x