Sunday, 20 June 2010

17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick

This might be just me, but 17 is usually one of those brands I just walk past. I once decided that I needed the free gift when you spend £5 business so badly I had to buy something and that was their Super Wear Long Lasting Foundation with their green primer, and when I used the two together the foundation would actually flake off, it would form little beige balls on my face, not a good look. So I can pretty much say I'm not a 17 girl.

So the other day, I saw these amazingly blue shiny lipsticks -- and Sophie likes shiny things :) These are the lovely Mirror Shine On Lipsticks and they look like this

One thing to bear in mind with these is that they haven't got the strongest colour pay off, they are more of a tinted lip colour with a shine, they even contain 'micro pearls'. How exciting! This is I think Belle and it was payday on Friday so I may just have to forget that spending ban and go and get Hollywood, which is a bright red, but I think it'll be a beautiful more subtle shade than the reds I usually go for.

This is what Belle looks like on my lips
I love love love these, go and buy yours now!
Sophie xx

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  1. wow that lipstick looks amaizng, especially on your lips!