Saturday, 19 June 2010

Amazingly cheap brushes!

A little while ago, Fiona had a post about a set of 15 nail brushes that she thought could also be used as make up brushes too, so of course after seeing a Benefit Get Bent brush dupe in there I had to check it out, and at a price of 99p + £1.95 p&p (you do the math!) I thought it was a deal not worth missing out on!

So I think I ordered about maybe 8/9 days ago and as it's coming from Hong Kong expected delivery is 8-15 days. And I was not disappointed -- there's such a variety of brushes and yep, that Get Bent dupe is just perfect!

Look at how many you get! But the following two are the best I reckon, they're great for eyeliner,

I really would recommend checking these out, I had no problems that you might expect from ordering half way around the world, have a look here

Thanks for reading!
Sophie xx


  1. Great post Sophie :)

    I've sent you a Paypal invoice for the bag you asked for :)


  2. oh excellent, I saw a bent brush in a youtube tutorial yesterday and she said about how great they were for applying gel liner, so I'll have to get my hands on them :)