Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Another freebie!

Ok I'm sorry this is a bit late, but I only just went out to get my freebie from last week's Grazia (if you've got it, seriously go and get your free hand cream!)

So basically there's a coupon in last week's Grazia for the Citron, Honey and Coriander 'hand therapy' (or hand cream to you and me) and I was a bit sceptical. I never go to Crabtree and Evelyn,  my Mum's had the occasional gift from family friends from there, but I thought I might as well, nothing to lose. And I was pleasantly surprised. 
This is what I got;
Now I was thinking, Citron, Honey and Coriander? That's gonna smell disgusting, but it's such a lovely smell, not kitchen-y at all (I was expecting to smell like a pot of herbs) but really flowery. So if you've still got last week's Grazia I'm begging you go get it, it's free, it's gorgeous and I think the coupon runs out 25th June (can't be sure) so go go go! 

Find your nearest store here or visit Grazia's website to see what they have to say about it :)

Sophie xx

PS Rimmel sent me their new 3 looks mascara so review coming soon!

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