Thursday, 24 June 2010

Disappointment :(

Ok ok I know this is long overdue but I wanted to see if they would last, or if my initial love would fade. And I kind of need to have a mini rant about Topshop Make Up. It has its good points and its bad, but first of all I'll let you know what I have from there;
So I'll start with the good stuff
  • The lip polish in Smoothie is a lovely formulation
  • The lip polish and the cream blusher in Nutmeg have really useful little mirrors on them
  • The colour of the Tint is really pretty
  • The creme blusher feels really nice to the touch
  • The packaging is very cute
And the bad;
  • It's overpriced. Which is to be expected of Topshop but the quality isn't quite up to the price
  • The liner is crap. It's terrible. It stinks just like the Maybelline Line Definer, it applies thinly and doesn't last. Apply it to your hand however and it looks just how you'd like it to on your eyes :(
  • The lip polish is a bit blah. It doesn't last long, the colour is completely different to that online, and because I ordered mine online I was quite excited to try this colour. However it's a baby pink and very boring.
  • The packaging, as pretty as it is, gets dirty VERY quickly and looks a bit scruffy a month later
  • The shades of the blushers aren't very wearable. Nutmeg is nice, as is Pinch, but they're not the easiest to blend and don't last very long
  • The tint will not last all day on your cheeks/lips yet it will stain your fingers, which isn't the most attractive look
So what are your thoughts on Topshop's Make Up? Anything you're thinking of buying? Or regretting?
Sophie xx

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  1. I saw the Topshop make up when it had just been launched in Sheffield. I totally agree with you, topshop is overpriced and over hyped!

    I haven't bought any of the make up but it really doesn't suprise me that it isn't very good, all their clothes are made of rubbish material and double the price!! I'm a River Island girl :-)

    N x