Monday, 7 June 2010

It's Paint Pot Time!

Ok I've got a new addiction and it's not a cheap one at that. It's the MAC Paintpots and I think they're absolutely amazing. They're so beautiful and really pigmented. You know how I wanted to find something that would do the job of the ELF products? That's these beauties. 

Brown is Constructivism and the other is Bare Study

I dont use them with a brush to apply my 217 is too harsh on them and it leaves dents, I use a finger and then use the 217 to blend. They're 13 pounds each but I know they're gonna last forever, they're £1 less than Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadows and there's an extra 0.5g in the MAC Paintpots. I can't tell you how much I love them. I did a 4 hour shift at work (I work at GAME so theres a lot of running around to the store cupboard) and by the end they were still there, and holding on to another brown shadow I use (darkest shade in Metro Quartet by NYC make up -- review coming soon) so they make fab primers too.

This is what I knocked up using them, bearing in mind its literally only these two and I did it at 7AM and its now, what, 5.45PM? Pretty good going;

Ooh and can you spy a new fringe there? I got it done today! And even though I had practically the worst hair washer ever (she took half an hour and my face was soaked by the end, how is this possible they wash your hair behind you?!) these amazing eyeshadows stayed in place.

Have you ever used them? Or got one yourself? And should I go for Painterly too?

Thanks ladies  
Sophie x

PS as soon as Youtube starts letting me upload I'll have a threading your eyebrows tutorial posted right here!

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