Sunday, 19 September 2010

Am I The Only Person. .

Who uses a lip brush and a blusher brush to apply lip and cheek tints?

Do you do anything differently to others? Let me know!

Sophie xx


  1. Loooove it :))))

  2. I used my fingers, or the brush/applicator it comes with :)

  3. ive never heard of that but thats a good idea because i often look like ive had my fingertips scolded after using these :) haha.. oh and could you review any stains you have?? or good ones you thing the word needs spreading about?? thanks.. im currently on a hunt for the best pigmented one.

    amelia @

    xoxo stay fabulous

  4. I also prefer to use brushes as i don't really like to touch my makeup with my fingers.

    If the lip tint has a built in brush (such as The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain), I'd use the built in brush. If it comes in a tin such as Lush It Startet wit a Kiss, I'd use a brush!

  5. hola lovely! it is called an 'epi stick' for your upper lip hair if that's the one you're asking about :D works a charm, bit unnerving at the start but pretty safe + harmless and does the trick ^__^ xxx