Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Mini Ramble :)

Well everyone loves a mini ramble!

First of all I'd just like to say thank you to everyone that follows me, thank you to everyone that comments and thank you to everyone that has blogged about me in the past. To get that recognition is unbelievable and I remember when I first started blogging it really felt like no one was listening, but now I know you are it's actually so great!

(I can't believe there's over 80 of you, it's so amazing!)

I thought I'd just give you a little update on my life as I love reading posts like this on other people's blogs :) I haven't really been up to much lately however I went back to school last week so I've been work work working like a crazy head. I did drop Chemistry (no way was I taking that to A2) so I'm now doing French, Spanish and History and on a search to find my dream university, I want to do French and Spanish. If you're at uni or anything let me know, I've picked 3 so need to find 2 more to apply for.

While I'm here I'll tell you a few things I'm loving at the moment
  • YSL visuals! As you already know :)
  • Trying on dresses in TKMaxx. It's the funnest thing especially with friends
I've had a hair cut since this photo so ignore the fluffiness

  • Having half days on Monday and Tuesday. Who needs Chemistry anyways?
  • Pixiwoo. If you haven't already, watch their newest Youtube video. It's one of their best yet

Let me know what you're loving! If you do a post like this link me up :)

Love Sophie xx


  1. Omg I loved Pixiwoos video, I was laughing the whole way through haha :D
    Check out my giveaway,
    - beth x

  2. Ooh French and Spanish are awesome :) I'm not doing Spanish ( I think next year in my school I can choose between that and Italian..and I'm edging more to Italian :P), but I've been doing French for about 9 years :P I like the language but the grammar is killing me haha (not as bad as german though...) I don't know about unis so I can't help with that sorry :( and haha I'm only just starting chemistry this upcoming year (the luxembourgish school system is really weird :P) and I'm not looking forward to it, considering how I already hate Biology with a passion :P xx

  3. did you see me post link people to your blog? xxxx

  4. I saw that Pixwoo video yesterday, so made me laugh :) x

  5. I loved that video, just subscribed, thanks Sophie! Your blog are always great! xx