Thursday, 9 September 2010

Lash Accelerator Update: A Bit Impressed. .

Hey lovely ladies :)

Okay. I hold my hands up, I would be the first person to dismiss this mascara as stupid, totally useless, wouldn't work. But for some reason, I can't really admit to that. 

Last week, when washing my face I noticed that my outer corner eyelashes on one of my eyes (it's hard to explain which one, what's left to me is right to you!) were a bit short, shorter than usual. Which I have to admit is kind of why I picked up this mascara in the first place. Today I noticed that these eyelashes are now the same length and I am so so impressed. Have a look for yourself. . 


Can you see how on the eye on the left (click to zoom) the lashes are a bit short? Have a look at the after shot


And a zoomed in shot, the red arrow shows how short my eyelashes were before

Photographic evidence! 

I do have to admit though I've been using this mascara as a base coat, and applying 17 Wild Curls on top, as I find it lengthens but doesn't give me the volume I like. When used after curling your lashes, I find Lash Accelerator is great for giving that 'fanned-out' look.

What do you think? I know I'm impressed.

Love Sophie xx


  1. Sold! I'll definitely pick this up now.


  2. I think your lashes look amazing. I've seen this mascara a few times and keep meaning to pick it up. After seeing your photo's ...definiately got a get it now :)

  3. Your lashes look amazing! I really think i should try this lol I see you mentioned the 17 wild curls mascara..Iam really impressed with it. x

  4. Oh my God! I am really impressed too!!

  5. OMG! Amazing! You already had stunning lashes, but now... just WOW!

  6. you have such fantastic lashes the last photo is amazing xx