Sunday, 26 September 2010


I got a tattoo!

Haha only joking, it's one of the fake ones you can get from Topshop. You get 3 sheets and they're all pretty similar. They're very Chanel.

What do you think of tattoos?

Love Sophie xx

Oh and I forgot to mention these were £5 for around 20-30 tattoos


  1. Ooh they are so pretty! I wanted the Chanel ones but for nearly £50 don't think they were worth it. I love tattoos...I have one on my foot saying hope in French in all swirly writing! :)


  2. Love tattoos! Depends on the style though, I think that they should have a lot of meaning to you personally, then it doesn't matter how anyone else feels about them. I have one tattoo, and going to get my second a week tomorrow, much to my parents disgust!

    Heather-Lou x


  3. I love those!!! They need a topshop in the States!
    xoxo Debby

  4. How cute! I need to pick up some of these!! x

  5. awwhh how cute ive been wanting to pick up a pack- Soph- i j'adore your reviews would u mind doing a quickie on these for me when u have spare time? thanks doll

    amelia// xoxo stay fabulous


  6. Those look really good, I want some! They're not too expensive either xxx

  7. I love these, i have them :) i love your new banner btw xx

  8. wow they look great considering the price :D,xxx

  9. i love tattoo's... i have a about 6 real ones and i regret 3.. lol not cool! but the 3 that i hate have no meaning..... why the hell would i get a pink girly skull on my shoulder?!?! thats noooot going to look pretty in a wedding dress one day.

  10. wow, that's a really good price, i've always wanted a tattoo but im not sure what to get so haven't yet taken the plunge!