Friday, 3 September 2010

Review: Models Own Lipstick

Hello lovely ladies

Yep that's right, Models Own, who do lovely nail polishes also does lipstick. And it's not really that great, the phrase 'stick to what you know' springs to mind
Models Own Lipstick in Red Wine - £5

Okay, let's start with the packaging. I hate it. It kind of reminds me of Shu Uemura, but tackier. I couldn't imagine pulling this out on the train, it's not subtle at all. I like subtle packaging :)
And the colour?
In the tube, I love it. It's a dark, autumn red. In reality, on the lips, it's a strange pink. Imagine a few hundred layers of Benetint.

It's nothing special and it's not a lip stick you could whip out and apply without a mirror. It doesn't have a nasty taste or smell, but when I use it it just reminds me of the lipsticks that I played with as a child.

I would try other colours, but at £5 a pop, they're not the cheapest.

Have you tried any of Models Own's make up? Or do you stick to the nail varnish? 

Love Sophie


  1. I rememeber Lollipop26 mentioning a lipstick by models own once before and she didnt rate it either. Shame you got the lipstick, could a used that £5 for a nail polish instead :) I've got nude beige....lovvvve that colour!!!!

  2. I keep eyeing these up on asos and was never sure so didnt bother. and im glad i didnt!! ta for the warning :) xox

  3. I have the coral colour and really love it but i wasnt keen on any of the other colour x

  4. lovely review!i've heard that models own lippies are pretty average or chalky,great idea comparing it to 100 layers of benetint hehe:)
    i've replied to your email!im so sorry it was late,i found it in the junk :S

  5. so stunning great review!!!


  6. ive given you three awards:)x

  7. I love the hot pink one, its like a bright barbie pink!
    But it isnt for the faint hearted because the color is quite neon.