Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Big Bouncy Curls Overnight With No Heat. .

for less than £10?! It's possible. . 

(but be prepared for a very long picture heavy post showing you how!)

excuse the lack of make up, took the day off today as I was feeling so ill but had to get this post done!

 What you'll need:

4 Velcro Rollers

less than £4 at Superdrug
4 Sectioning clips or grips

 Sectioning Clips available at Superdrug for around £1

A hairband

5 perm rods
    Perm Rods available at Boots/Superdrug for less than £2

     Take the top section of hair, the two side sections and a back section and wind them around your velcro rollers. Secure with the grips/sectioning clips and spray with hairspray until you get something like this

    Make sure you try and roll the rollers so that all 4 are on top of your head so that if you sleep on your side you're not sleeping on top of them (not very comfortable!)

    Next tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail and taking inch wide sections (basically splitting your hair into 5 or so sections) roll them around the perm rods. It doesn't have to be neat but remember the less hair you wind around them the more ringlety style curls you'll get. I prefer to use thicker sections of hair to get more of a wave

    Et voila! In the morning take out the rollers and the rods and style your hair. I usually like to wear this with my hair to the side or in a side ponytail. 

    As you can see there are tighter curls from the perm rods but unless you practically dip them in hairspray they will drop out to lovely big waves during the day.

    What do you think? 

    Love Sophie xx


      1. looks lovely!you look fine without makeup,wish i was as pretty(:

      2. great tutorial, that looks great :)

      3. Great tutorial, really helpful :)
        Looks lovely :D
        - beth x

      4. Thankyou, your hair looks great like this. I could never get to sleep with them in though :(
        Thanks for reading my blog while i was away. Just trying to catch up now xx

      5. Looks great! May have to try this, hate having to use so much heat on my hair to get curls!