Monday, 13 September 2010

Recreating YSL

Hello lovely ladies :)

I had a really rushed go at that YSL look this morning, and this is my first attempt

I lined my eyes with a khol pencil and smudged Scene by MAC all over the lid
 I kept blusher to a minimum as the model has quite a neutral coloured face
I used a dusky pink colour on my lips
However I think I should've taken the grey upwards towards the brow bone

And without realising, I also wore a sheer top!

Thank you so much for your ideas, do you think there's anything else I could do to complete the look?

Here's the original picture;

Let me know what you think!

Love Sophie xx


  1. It looks great on you that look!

  2. which product did you use on your lips? lovely x

  3. aw thank you :) it's a l'oreal lipliner, in honey I think x

  4. Your eyes look ridiculous in that last picture, gorgeous! x

  5. i will check it out, thanks x

  6. You are so pretty! I think you did great recreating the look. :)

  7. hola chica! thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! :} how gorgeous are yoooou?!! so envious of your gorgeous eyes + lashes!! Your brows always look spot on <3 xxx