Thursday, 15 July 2010

Disappointed in your weightloss?

Hey ladies!
Now I know its that time of the year when EVERYONE seems to be losing weight. Even that skinny friend of yours needs to 'tone up'. Now I've never been skinny. I always had 'puppy fat' so I know how it feels to want to be that skinny friend! So these past few weeks I thought, okay you've got to cut down now Sophie, because I am one of those people that has something to eat and has to go back for more because I'm never full! Yet a week in, I'd only lost 1lb. 1 measly lb. I'd given up my daily chocolate bar, I'd been doing my exercises, taking the stairs instead of the lift. Yet all I had to show for it was 1lb. Cue tearful chat with the mum! 

Now my mum is a principal dietitian at a leading London hospital, so when it comes to healthy eating, she'll always be the person I turn to. And she told me the following, which has kept me going and 2 weeks in I've now lost 2.6lb.

Ok, so if you're on a diet you'll often hear that you need 1500 calories a day (500 less than the 2000 you would need if you weren't dieting). That's reducing your daily calorie intake by 500 calories, right? So if there's seven days in a week, thats 7x500 = 3500 calories you're cutting down. And it just so happens that there are 3500 calories in 1lb of fat. So a 1lb loss is actually an ideal healthy weightloss.

But that's only 1lb. That's like nothing!

Not so, 1lb is roughly equal to 500g. This is what 500g looks like in terms of butter
Yep, your average butter tub (go have a look next time you're in Sainsburys!). Now imagine if you spread that whole tub over your whole body. Yeah it would probably just about cover it. If you're anything like me, you're not going to lose that 500g from just one spot, like your tummy or your arms, are you? And don't forget that fat likes to hug around your organs too! 

So my mum's advice is to just keep on at it, don't give up, but then don't read this and think ooh I can have a treat now! Keep at it ladies, and let me know how you're doing!
Thanks for reading this super long post
Sophie xx


  1. Thanks for this post :) I never realised 1lb was actually such a big amount! xx

  2. Brilliant post! I am on Slimming world this week, I drink so much fizzy drinks So I have set a target for my self a week without fizzy drinks. I started on Monday and so far so good! I have been to an exercise class and just feel good about my self. I have made my self stop and think are you actually hungry before you put that in your mouth. I've found I'm normally not I'm just bored!

    Water is key, they say most the time you feel hungry it's because your thirsty. So I've been having 2-3 pints of water while at work and green tea.

    I'm going in the right direction and hope I can stick to it!!

    Good luck!
    N x

  3. Hi there, i just found your blog today, i have been a serial dieter from the age of 14. I'm now 35 shhhh. Its only been the past few years when i have been happy with my weight and managed to maintain it. I eat very healthily all week then eat what i want at weekends and it works for me. x

  4. I gave you an award on my blog, so check it out!


  5. just come across your blog because you were linked to hannah's blog ^ which i follow & i love your blog! it's really good!
    i'm following you :-) follow back perhaps?
    amber ♥

  6. i am literaly living off salad atm...and really am so fed up! but after reading this i feel better knowing how much 1lb really is!! I shall be keeping it up. Im going to do a post about what im eating and weightloss soon so take a look :) xx

  7. Weldone on your weightloss lovely, its fabby :) and you've got to remember it all adds up. Your lucky to have your mums advice on tap :) a little bit of motivation there for you, lol.
    Good luck honey & keep up the brilliant work!

  8. OMG!! can I repost this on my blog! i'll give you a mentionn♥

  9. Hi Sophie, thank you so much for your comment and link to this terrific post! It is really useful to be reminded that some times baby steps are the way to go! I have posted my weight loss this week - 3 tubs of butter! - and have added a link to this post on my blog, which I hope is ok! thanks lovely.