Monday, 12 July 2010

Skin Lightening Shocker!

Haha that title deserves a place in a real life magazine! But that's what it was I had a right shock!
Now if you're a dark haired lady like me you will probably have darker arm hair, darker facial hair and sometimes you might want to tone it down a bit. I will always remember a time in year 4 when a boy in my class told me I had a mustache like his older brother and considering I was the only brown-haired girl in my class (is it just me or is it a bit sad that a 7 year old girl wanted blonde hair like all the other girls?) I always felt a bit awkward with my dark arm, face and leg hair. So 10 years later here I am with a hair lightening kit. I've used it on my face for the past 7 months with no problem whatsoever but last night I used it on my arms. It worked, but you can see the results of it in a moment.

I didn't know what kit to go for, so instead of going for the Jolen one (I wrote this half an hour ago and I've been singing Joleen by Dolly Parton that whole time) which I've not heard good things about I went for this Boots one;

Boots Expert Hair Lightener - normally £3.75 now £2.50

This stuff on your face is excellent. On your arms it is excellent. It works in 10 minutes, it gives you the arm hair colour of those blonde girls! Yet look at this;

This doesn't look as obvious but you can clearly see it has LIGHTENED my skin. I had a big rectangular patch. Fortunately this morning it had gone back to normal colour, but don't you think this is a bit worrying?

Do you lighten your body hair? How do you disguise it? Or do you wear it loud and proud?
Let me know!
Sophie xx

PS In case you're interested here are the ingredients and instructions, make sure you check them before you use it, click to make it bigger


  1. i use this on my mustache haha, i love it!,X

  2. oh i have never tried this before I've always waxed and epilated!

    N x

  3. I wouldn't be worried as long as your skin goes back after a few days. I always wax though. It thins the hair and eventually it doesn't grow back. I've done my legs since I was 15 and i'm 19 now. well now i dont even bother with my legs nanymore because the hair is gone.

    loves ♥

  4. blimey! I've always shaved my legs + arm hair (looong story, mine doesn't grow back thicker, ever) :p waxed underarms + epilated my upper lip hair with this cool asian gadget tool i bought on eBay which you twist both ends + it traps the hairs really quickly, it's super good! xx