Friday, 23 July 2010

Yay for Zooey!

Hey ladies

You've probably heard already but Zooey Deschanel is going to be the face of Rimmel's new mascara, Lash Accelerator. I'm a total fan of Zooey so I may just have to buy this! (Or at least enter Rimmel's competition for it which will no doubt come out soon)

Here's a sneak peek of the mascara, what do you think? Do you reckon all these mascaras that promise lovely lashes are a load of rubbish? And what do you think of the packaging? I'm not a big fan of the yellow but I think the ruler marks on the side are a nice touch!
Let me know what you think,
Sophie xx

PS Quick Inglot update, I can see the bottom of the pan in my foundation, only 2 weeks in! See my original post here

1 comment:

  1. I adore Zooey! Especially in bridge to terabithia :) xx