Wednesday, 28 July 2010

So Amazed I Can't Think Of A Title!

Hey lovely ladies,

Sorry for being a bit AWOL lately but I'm back! So on the 17th July I placed an order on Ebay and it turned up on my doorstep today! Yep, I'm sure you can guess from the delivery period that it was from Hong Kong and it was for these AMAZING false eyelashes

That's 20 pairs of false eyelashes and 5 tubes of glue for £2.99 yes, £2.99! And that's including P&P, I'll include a link at the bottom of this post. They are quite thick and you can buy natural ones but I'm really glad I got these ones. I don't tend to wear full false eyelashes, so just one up to use on both my eyes and this was the result (my right eye wasn't finished when this photo was taken!)

I did do these after applying mascara (the postie turned up whilst I was doing my make up and I was too excited so had to apply them straight away. I'm so so impressed with these, I reckon they'll last me a while but when I'm done I am for sure reordering! On a side note, I had no reaction to the glue, it is the same type (possibly the same glue) that you get in false eyelash sets from Claires etc, not the best but stays on all day.

What do you think? Where do you usually get your eyelashes from?
Sophie xx

PS Click here to go to the ebay page (opens in new tab)


  1. oooh these are very pretty!! :) xx

  2. Looks lovely thanks for the link i'm a false lash addict. x

  3. I normally buy the Girls aloud ones but they are like £5. I will be placing an order right now :-)

    Nikki x