Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Ladies, I need YOUR help!

Haha, again! Your advice is always a billion times better than any forum!
Basically, I'm buying a new perfume and it's £55. I thought I'd make the most of my free delivery at Boots (this must be the FIRST time ever I've spent enough to qualify for free delivery!) But me being me I want to bring it up to £60. 

So that's where you come in. . what should I buy with the remaining fiver? Are there any Boots basics you swear by? Or a bit of drugstore make up you can't live without? I'm open to any suggestions, skincare, cosmetics etc but I'm out for a bargain :D

Thanks everyone!
Sophie xx

PS If you're wondering, my new perfume will be Tom Ford Black Orchid 50ml EDP (I know it's cheaper but I'm not an EDT girl). It's a beautiful perfume that lingers for DAYS so it's obviously worth it. Hello luxury!


  1. Sounds like a luxurious perfume! I'm not familiar with that store but I always go for eyeliners or nail polishs when I need to up the price of an order.

    great blog by the way! i'm new to it!

  2. If it was me i would add a couple of the pink cow shower gels they are gorgeous my favourite is vanilla biscuit x

  3. i'd go for some natural collection eyeshadows.... they're sooo hip and they come in really cool, natural colours (especially the pale green!) xx