Sunday, 18 July 2010

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural, I'm In Love!

Hey ladies
I've reached the 20 follower mark, I'm so proud you've no idea :) I remember when it really felt like no one was listening but now I know you are so thank you so so much!

Anyways, at work we had a World Cup Sweepstake, and I pulled out Spain so this week I got my hands on £40, I never win anything! So off I went down to MAC Covent Garden and picked up a Mineralize Skin Finish Natural which set me back £18, pretty reasonable I think for the 10g you get (6g of normal blusher = £16.50).

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium Plus - £18
Sorry for the stock photo but my cameras upstairs ;) I actually love this powder SO much. It keeps my foundation set all day and I reckon it'll last forever. It's had about 5 days usage now and it looks untouched. It works especially well with my Inglot Cream Powder Foundation (which I have to say has not brought me out in spots despite slightly heavier coverage, YAY) Also I'm quite excited at getting Medium Plus, that's two shades up from light! I never buy anything but light!

But one thing I noticed when looking for an image, look at MAC prices for this across the world, strange;

  • UK: £18
  • America: $26 = £17
  • Canada $31 (Canadian Dollars) = £19.24
  • France €26 = £21.96
(conversions according to Google 18/07/10 at 19:36)
What I found strange was that Canadian's get charged £1.24 more than us, despite MAC being a Canadian company! Then again they do get free delivery (grrrr)

Do you ever wait to go abroad to buy make up? And have you tried any of the MAC Mineralize products? What did you think?

Love Sophie xx
PS Thanks for all your advice and stories on my last post, nice to see that you ladies do it the healthy way! x


  1. I love this MSF too. I got it in Medium which was a mistake as it is too light for me so I'm saving it for a blog sale later on :P I have to pick up another one in a darker shade xoxo

  2. Ahh this is such a good review thanks Sophie :) definitely going to buy this when I can :D xxx