Tuesday, 6 July 2010

If you buy one thing. .

Hey ladies!
Sorry it's been a while, just been feeling a bit sad lately but that doesn't matter, on to what I think you NEED in your life right now. .

Boots Four Way Nail Buffer - £2.00
Yep, it's only £2. Now I'm sure you can probably get these cheaper online or whatever but I think this is by far one of the best (hey it's about time I did a positive review right?)

Let me take you through the four sides and how to use them;
  • File Nail Edge: Pretty much files your nail edge ;) Use in a sweeping movement in one direction don't use it like a saw it can damage your nails!
  • Remove Ridges: You do this over the whole nail and it removes those ridges you get. This is good to do before applying nail varnish as it gives you a really even base to paint over. Also if you do this step over the top of a shiny nail varnish it will remove the shine and give you matte nails. I love doing this especially with black nail varnish (although make sure you let it dry first, as you can see from the black marks I'm quite impatient when it comes to doing this)
  • Smooth Nail. Again this does exactly what it says. By this step your nails will be completely transformed. I know you wouldn't expect it but it's actually so great :)
  • And lastly Shine Nail. This WORKS. I'm not even joking this shine that it gives rivals a clear nail varnish, with the advantage of being completely natural. By doing this, I've had so many compliments on how strong my nails look and how pretty they are and are they real?
Seriously guys BUY THIS. Even if you have to use your Ad Card points just do it! You won't regret it and you'll find your nail varnish goes on much nicer and it takes less than 5 mins to do :)

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Sophie xx


  1. I have one too! I got mine at the Japanese equivalent of a dollar store :D They really do work don't they!!

  2. I LOVE these, I have one from The Body Shop and they really are fab! Lovely guide for how to use them hun! xxx

  3. I love them but heard doing it too often could end up damaging your nails, apparently once a month is enough...but the effect doesn't seem to last the whole month for me, I'm wondering how often you girls use it? Thanks! :)

  4. I have it and it really works!