Friday, 2 July 2010

Lynx Fever!

Ok so you're probably thinking I'm doing a review for men right? Wrong! We're one of those families where the shower is full of half empty shower gels and my favourite one was running out. So what did I do, I reached for my brother's Lynx Fever, expecting it to smell of teenage boy. I was pleasantly surprised and my first thought was 'wow this smells just like Lush!', you know that unmistakable smell down every British high street? That's what this smells like.
This is what they say about it;

With Brazilian Hot Mud and Red Dragonfruit extract, Lynx Fever Shower Gel will get you warmed up for action.

Unfortunately it doesn't do a Soap and Glory and heat up but it really does smell lovely and lingers on your skin for quite a while. Not so much in a teenage boy polluting the house kind of way but if someone were to hug you they'd smell it. In short, it makes you feel clean and smelling fresh :)
So pop down to your local Boots and have a smell of the shower gels, they're around £2 but I think in Wilkinsons you can usually get them a bit cheaper. I'm thinking of persuading my brother to get Africa next, that is a lovely smell :)
Have you ever cheekily used Lynx?
Sophie xx 

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