Thursday, 26 August 2010

About Me Tag

I don't really do tags but I thought I'd do one so you could have a little insight into my life as interesting and amazing as it is. . 

1. What is your favourite fashion magazine?
Glamour Glamour Glamour!
2. Who is your favourite singer/band?
Hmm that's a hard one. I have more of The Smiths on my Ipod than anything else?

3. Who is your favourite youtube guru?
Hmm, it's between Pixiwoo and Lollipop26 obvs.
4. What is your favourite makeup product?
MAC Face and Body. Oh and my new Naked Palette (see my next post). Oh and mascara.
5. Where would you like to live?
I love London I wouldn't go anywhere else. Well maybe New York.
6. What is your favourite film?
Hmmm. Priceless.

7. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Too many. And most of them aren't even nice.

8. What's your favourite colour?

And I meant what I said ladies, my Naked Palette review is coming soooon :)

Love Sophie xx 

 That's me that is. . 


  1. Really looking forward to the Naked Palette review, I wish I could get my hands on one!

    I own way too many shoes too, I just can't resist the temptation :)

  2. ooh i'm looking foward to the naked palette review! i love the smiths too<3

  3. i cant wait for the review!:),i pretty much agree with you on everything hehe:)xx