Monday, 23 August 2010

New Topshop AW10 Make Up

Hey lovely ladies!

And welcome to my new followers ;) I was in Topshop Oxford Circus today and I just happened to spot this postcard by the till

I quite like the look of the Powder Blush, I don't know if it's the photo but it does look quite messy! I like the idea though with the sponge in the lid. .

What do they mention?
  • Cream Eyeshadows
  • Coloured Mascaras in Plum, Green and Electric Blue
  • a 'must-have' Eyeliner Ink Well
  • more Khol shades
  • New Blushers
  • More Nail Colours (in Camel, Utilitarian Green, Peach and Air Force Blue)
I think I will have to check this out, as some of it looks quite good. A bit sceptical about the eyeliner 'ink well'. Ink Well? Seriously? Something tells me it'll just be a pot of gel eyeliner. .

And Camel, Utilitarian Green and Peach? Hmm, now what does that remind me of. . .?
Will you be picking something up? Or are you not a Topshop make up fan? Let me know!

Love Sophie

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  1. mmm i love the sound of the cream shadows and powder blush!cute packaging as ever too:).i think the ink well is a gel eyeliner,i might nab this as i love gel liner!:Dxxxx

  2. i cant waitttttt for this to come out! im a proper topshop makeup junkie hahhahaa xxxx

  3. very cute packaging! I haven't purchased any Topshop makeup, as I have never noticed it before.. maybe I will have to take a peak next time I am in there :)

    Sophie x