Thursday, 5 August 2010

Mini Rant, Why Blogs Are Better Than Magazines

Hey everyone! 

I guess this is a case of preaching to the converted but before I got into blogging I would flick straight to the beauty pages of magazines. After buying a few more lately (damn you WHSmith in Waterloo station!) whilst waiting for friends I've realised that reading someone's post is so much more satisfying than reading about the newest products in a magazine.

Take for instance this month's Company magazine. I'm not really a Company fan, it's not really aimed at me I guess and the sealed sections drive me MAD. Why anyone would think that you'd have to seal a few pages together about bum surgery is beyond me (if you don't get this reference go and look at the current issue of Company. .Grrr)

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That's all you get. One page. And a few others about new perfumes. But that doesn't satisfy my needs!
I found out aaaages ago about the new Estee Lauder palette mentioned from Charlie and that's what I love about blogging. It's so much easier to read than a magazine, and most of the things you read are genuine, honest opinions on products that there is actually a chance you might consider buying.

It's like having a beauty magazine to read every day of the year and for that I am very thankful :)
Keep up the good work ladies!

What do you think? Have you given up on going to magazines for beauty advice?

Sophie xxx


  1. Hello! I'm a new follower (=

    I totally get what you mean! Like you, before getting into blogging, I was a beauty magazine addict, but there's never enough articles!

  2. i agree! it kinda sucks♥ then again their are millions of beuaty bloggers to follow!!

  3. Hi

    I totally agree with you as well!

    I find beauty blogs way more interesting and enjoyable to read =) and you dont have to pay for them unlike magazines, so if you look at it in that perspective, you SAVE MONEY to put towards wishlist PRODUCTS! Lol

    Btw im now your newest follower <3

    Id appreciate if youd take a peek at mines:

    Thanks lovely!


  4. WONDERFUL post, absolutely spot on with the things you said! xx