Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Sophie's Guide to MAC Face And Body

Hey everyone

This foundation is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Ever since I saw it on Laura's blog/youtube (thank you!!!) I've wanted it and in all honestly it deserves all the hype it gets. Quick warning, this is quite a long post and quite picture heavy ;) Here are a few reasons why I love it so much;

  • You get loads of product. I mean loads. Take a look at my previous post to see what I mean
  • It doesn't feel wrong to use it on your neck and chest. I can't do that with other foundations!
  • It's soft and because it is so water based it doesn't feel caked
  • It's one of those foundations that you don't need to use a brush with if you don't want to. The MAC MUA told me this, but the heat from your hands warms it up and makes it so easy to apply. More on application later
  • The amazing range of colours, both pink-based and yellow-based

I'll get on to the application I used to get this look in a bit but this is the coverage in natural lighting. It's not tinted moisturiser coverage but it's not full. It's natural, in a kind of my skin but better kind of way. A couple of pictures for you so you can see how lovely it is  because once I start I can't stop. Uh, can I say amazing once more? Ooh I just did. You may click to enlarge if you so wish ;)

I use a small blob of this first all over my face to provide an even layer of coverage
I then use another blob poured on to my MAC 188 brush and buff it in circular motions around my face which gives you that airbrushed yet natural finish. Good dupes for this brush are the ELF Powder Brush or the GOSH Lightweight Duo Fibre Brush

Staying Power and Removal
Once set with a powder (I use MAC MSF Natural) this stuff does not budge. It gives you that matte yet dewy glow (how is this possible?) all day long. To show you how long it lasts have a look at my face wipe from yesterday, it was applied at 10.30am and taken off at 1am! I've never had a foundation last that long, once this stuff sets, it sets.

Would I Recommend It?
Absolutely. I'm not going to lie I prefer a fuller coverage foundation, or so I thought. This one really makes me feel comfortable in my own skin. And at £23 for 100ml it's an investment, yet a bargain at the same time. 
If you buy one thing from MAC, buy this

Hope this was useful, love Sophie xx


  1. oooo fab review!:), glad you bought it in the end:),your so pureetty!
    i've nominated you for an award,it'll be posted on my blog in a few minutes have a go too if you fancy it:)xx

  2. Ooh I just love the idea of this, I usually like to slap on a medium+ coverage but I'm curious enough about this to give it a go! PS sidebar action does mean an extra entry! Thank you! xxx

  3. Looks lovely on you :) I want to try this even more now !
    Thanks for the helpful post !
    - Beth x

  4. I usually use a No.7 tinted moisturiser but may have to give this a try. May have to head to a MAC counter on my next lunch break me thinks!

    Thanks Sophie!! I love ur eyebrows - how do you keep them in shape?

  5. @Irene thank you so much :)

    @May it's surprising how easy it is to build the coverage!

    @Beth aw thank you, i'd defo recommend having a look

    @Sam yes i'd totally get down to MAC it's such a lovely product. Would you be interested in a post about how I keep my eyebrows in shape?


  6. I've been umming and arring about this for SO long!
    They don't sell it at my local mac counter, so I would have to either go all the way to Liverpool or buy it online baah!

    I was just wondering what shade are you normally in mac?
    If the f&b is n2?

    Thaaanks x