Monday, 2 August 2010

Justifying MAC Face and Body, Should I or Shouldn't I?

Hey lovely ladies

After watching Laura's video review on this I really do want it. She makes a point that it is really reasonable for £23 for 120ml. I thought for a minute, reasonable?! Seriously?! But have a look at what I've discovered and it really is (all prices from Boots)

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation £12.99 for 30ml
= £51.96 for 120ml

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation £10.99 for 30ml
= £43.96 for 120ml
L'oreal Matte Morphose £11.99 for 20ml
= £71.94 for 120ml
But worst of all. . .

Chanel Vitalumiere £31 for 30ml
= £123.99 for 120ml

So what do you think? Can I justify my purchase?

Love Sophie xx
PS All images courtesy of Google Images


  1. Wow, I've never looked at it that way before! Those comparisons make Face and Body look like a steal! xxx

  2. Well seen as you put it like that... its definitely worth it! haha. Never once thought to look at it like that. Im not too sure about MAC's Face and Body though, just don't know if it'll giveme the coverage I like.


  3. that's my problem too, I like a bit of a medium coverage, but then again Laura did say you could layer it? xx

  4. I was exactly the same! After ready and watching Laura rave about it i really wanted to try. And great price comparision, I think that £23 is not justified! xx

  5. i say buy it, it's good value for money if you plan to use it often :)
    angela xoxo

  6. Thats a good way of putting it. I love face & body but it is a sheer look even when you layer it on in my opinion x

  7. i don't own any mac stuff so i can't really say anything about it, but here's a review on it that you might find helpful :)


  8. i was just about to look at that! but thank you for posting the link ;) xxx