Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sophie's Quest For Perfect Nails

Okay okay, my nails have not been shown that much love in recent weeks.Always changing my nail varnish, lets not mention the half an hour soaking in acetone to get my fakes off. 

So I'm on a quest for lovely, strong, healthy nails, and to help me do that I've enlisted the help of Boots Ultra Strength Nail Hardener (I spent the whole of yesterday going round the house saying that in the deepest Arnie Schwarzenegger voice much to the annoyance of my parents!)

Boots Expert Ultra Strength Nail Hardener - £3

It was the cheapest there and I'm quite a fan of the expert range. The bottle is very similar to that of a Nails Inc one, yet at less than a third of the price I'm smiling! It goes on clear so it immediately makes your nails look healthier. You're supposed to use it twice a week on clean, dry nails. I'm not sure if you've got to take off the first coat when you do it the second time? But we'll see.

So here are my nails before:

Generally quite weak, splitting, bit of discolouration, short because I had to cut off the stained disgusting tips. Not nice. You should see the nails on my other hand.

I'll be doing updates every now and again to let you know how they're doing.
Love Sophie xx


  1. I tagged you! :D xxx

  2. Please give us an update !!