Thursday, 19 August 2010

Let's Get Neutral ;)

Hello lovely ladies

I got my AS results today, don't you hate that tummy churning feeling when you're about to get results?! Ahh.

Anyways on a lighter note, I've completed a MAC Palette, I've been buying myself an eyeshadow everytime I need cheering up and here's what I've come up with

Top Row: Wedge, Brule
Bottom Row: Mulch, Naked Lunch

I would've done a 15 palette but I'm always taking make up away with me up to Yorkshire and it's more practical this way. I'm in love with the colours, Brule makes a lovely all over eye colour, and Mulch has been on my wishlist for a very long time (thank you Sinead!) 

Now I know they're all neutral, but I love my neutrals, especially MAC's as you can go neutral without sparkly bits, are there any truly matte eyeshadows on the high street?

If you could pick 4 MAC colours what would they be? Let me know! 

Sophie xxx

PS If you were wondering, I got AAB in my AS!


  1. Well done on your results, I remember results days and I'm very glad I don't have them anymore. I would chose shroom, sable(beautiful colour), Mulch and Carbon. I love neutrals too:-)xxx

  2. Congrats on ur results, so ur smart and pretty! Wish we could all be so lucky!! :) I don't often buy MAC but I may also *steal* ur idea of buying a shadow when I need cheering up!! xx

  3. Well done! :D
    They look so pretty, i may just have to start a 4 palette! x

  4. I never liked neutrals before mac, although i only have carbon at the moment, the way you can layer it or keep it simple is amazing. and swatching in store, they are all so versitile to suit you how you want it!!

  5. My fave MAC shadows for every day use are Vanilla, Patina and Satin Taupe. Mulch will soon be included in that too!


  6. gorgeous gorgeous palette hunny! My favourite eyeshadow is naked lunch, it is absolutely beautiful! & i bet it looks amazing with mulch!

    Congratulation on the AAB in your AS levels sweetheart!


  7. well done with your results that absolotly fab you clever cloggs!! hehe

    and thats my kinda palatte ;)


  8. love it!the kind of colours i'd pick:),and well done with your results!:)xxx