Sunday, 15 August 2010

Heated Curlers, My Ultimate Love

Hey lovely ladies 

If I could offer any hair advice it would be to invest in a set of heated rollers. I love mine, they make beautiful, natural curls and they give you that I just got a blow dry look without spending loads.

Mine are the Babyliss ones that are only £30, and in this month's Glamour you'll see that James Brown uses them on Kate Moss. I bought mine first ;)

Ah they're beautiful. They heat up in about 5 minutes and they get hot, but not burn your hands hot. I always feel like it doesn't have enough rollers but it really does. I often have ones left over and I have a lot of hair!

Here's what I look like when I've done mine

Excuse the photo, bad lighting was frustrating me. I always ruffle up my curls with my fingers but they look just as nice as they are.

I usually put three big ones on top of my head, two big at either side and fill up the gaps with the smaller ones.

Have you ever used heated rollers? Or do you prefer curling tongs?

Love Sophie

Sophie's guide to MAC Face and Body coming soon! I finally bought it. .  .


  1. This is amazing! Gorgeous hair! Im sooo following (:

  2. Lovely :).
    I really want some of these, when I have the pennies I'm definitely going to invest!

  3. Wow, those curls are gorgeous! I would so curl my hair but my hair's pretty curly already but it's mostly tangles curly, so it's annoyingly frustrating