Monday, 30 August 2010

Loves And Hates Of August

Wowee I can't believe I've been blogging for over 3 months! Anyways, on to my loves and hates


Models Own Nail Polish in Purple Grey - £5
I bought this in the Models Own Sale they had last week, and I love it. I love the colour (it's apparently a dupe for Paradoxal, not quite but not far off) Quite a bit of tip wear, that's after one day, but they did endure a long day at work. I wouldn't pay the full £5 as the fact they can sell them for £2.50 in the sale shows that they're not worth that much

Rimmel Pro Matte Top Coat - £4.49
I bought this with my advantage points so it was essentially free. AMAZING product, goes on shiny and dries super fast to a beautiful matte finish. And so smooth to touch!
St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse - £2.49
So totally deserving of the hype, this product is so so good. It's a greeny browny mousse that looks like chocolate and gives an instant brown tinge. After an application (well, my idea of an application is do it, let it dry, do it again, sleep and hope for the best in the morning) this is what it looks like compared to my natural skin colour (my legs the pale one), NO ORANGE IN SIGHT!

L'oreal and Prestige Lip Pencils - between £3 - £4
I love love love these. Nude lip pencils are so much easier to come by than a good nude lipstick, as there are much more pinker tones which suit me more. Also I have a slight loss of pigmentation around my lips so these are great to fill that in

Garnier Pure A Intensive Night Gel - £4.49
Ah! I thought I would persist with this, but it has made NO difference whatsoever despite all the rave reviews on Ciao. I bet Garnier uploaded them. . 

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mist - £2.49
I couldn't get on with this. I had to use it in the shower and I felt like Ross in Friends with the spray going everywhere (love that episode!) And it didn't rub in. In fact I was so scared of it drying streaky I washed it off. The mousse is a billion times better.
Benefit The Porefessional - £23.50
 I won't go on too much about this, as I've already done a post. All I'll say is that's £23.50 I'll never see again

Let me know if you've got any loves or hates, and if you love or hate anything I do!

Love Sophie xx


  1. I may get the Rimmel Top Coat, as my current top coat is now empty! :)
    Great post Sophie xoxo


  2. Great post - I love the St Moriz mousse, only used it twice as I'm lucky enough to be naturally tanned but it worked so well!!

    I'll be doing my August favourite soon - can't believe its the end of August already!!

  3. i love the benefit pore magin on my Tzone (I have combiantion skin)

  4. love the Models Own purple grey and in fact I was waiting for the other new colours to put in a big order again but I've recently got a very similar shade free with Glamour...