Saturday, 28 August 2010

Spare No7 Vouchers + Hot Cloth Cleanser

Hello lovely ladies!

First of all, look what I found by the Boots Self Checkout. . 

If anyone wants one, I'm giving two away to the first people that email their name and address to

But what did I buy with mine? Well my local Boots didn't have ANYTHING everyone raves about so I bought this,

No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser - £8.75 or £3.75 with voucher

 It smells lovely, a bit like babies I think. It has a really nice consistency, it feels like you're washing your face with a moisturiser. If you use it with the muslin cloth following the instructions it really is one of the most refreshing experiences you can have in your bathroom! It leaves you glowing and so clean. My one problem was the fact it doesn't really remove eye make up, (well mine anyway), so I've got to scrub that off first :(

However, if you look in my picture, there's no sign of a muslin cloth. Yep, that's because my dad threw it away. You should've seen me, I hit the roof when he blamed it on ME as it looked like a 'used tissue' that I had left out so he threw it away. Grrrr.

So would I buy it again? For £3.75, yes, £8.75? No chance! It's a big enough bottle so I reckon it'll last until March when the next lot of vouchers come out. However I think the cloth that comes with it really completes it, the feeling of it when it's hot on your face is lovely. Yet as I am sans cloth, all I've got is a cleanser. Great.

What have you got with your vouchers? And do people ever throw your stuff away?!!

Love Sophie xx


  1. snap i got this with my voucher too. I'm yet to try it out. I have heard good reviews about it though x

  2. I have had a lot of things thrown away.. most memorable was my board game called 'mouse trap' when I was really little. I loved it, even though half was chewed by our pet dog and lots of parts were missing. When my dad threw it on the bonfire without me knowing I apparently cried for days! :)


  3. No7 skincare products do not work for me, at all! I guess I am allergic to it.

    I normally get No7 Brushes as they are brilliant!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  4. Forgot to say ive tagged you x

  5. I've never used the vouchers to be honest! but now i'm thinking I should :) lovely blog by the way! xx