Sunday, 1 August 2010

Review: Mini Straighteners

Hey ladies!

Thought I'd try out aligning my text to the centre, if you don't like it please let me know, I think it makes it a bit easier to read?

The other day I happened to notice that ASOS not only had free delivery (you know how I hate P&P!) but a sale too. And after lusting after the Topshop Mini Straighteners at a relatively mini price of £10 I've had the idea on my mind for some time. So when I saw this pair for around £5 I had to have them, they're still available but you can't find them by searching so I'll post a link at the bottom of this post. I'm sure they're pretty much identical to the Topshop ones, they look the same and have the specifications. They are even in the same mini case. Also, look out for the Topshop branded mini car straighteners!  They do warn not to use them whilst driving though ladies.

ASOS Mini Straighteners - £5.25

Now are they any good? I bought these because I find my normal straighteners are a bit too bulky for my fringe, and having a full fringe does require a lot of maintenance and these are just GREAT. They're really good for getting right into the roots and leave a lovely bounce to my fringe. I thought I'd have a go at curling a piece of hair with them too, you know what I mean, those tutorials on Youtube where people make it look so easy? It is with these! Wouldn't fancy doing my whole head with it but it's great for giving a bit of bounce to my layers too.
So yes, I think this is greeeat and the quality is just fab despite the low price

You can find them here and they're available in black and pink

What do you think of mini straighteners? And did you pick up anything from the ASOS Sale?

Lots of love
Sophie xx


  1. Thanks for the link, i've just ordered them! Hopefully they'll work just as good with my fringe :)

  2. Purchased this after reading yr review ( the only one out there). Thx!
    I only wanna straighten my ends, once in a while; also I have very thin hair so don't need one of the big ones. I couldn't be more happy. Sleek and tiny, awesome price.