Thursday, 26 August 2010

Forget Neutral, I'm getting Naked!

Okay, picture the scene. It's 10.08am, the doorbell rings. I'm half asleep. The doorbell rings again. I run around half naked, find a dressing gown and go downstairs, there's a car parked outside my house. A woman waves and says I've left it by the recycling bin. This woman looks identical to my french teacher. Being in my still half asleep state I think, what has my french teacher left for me? Oh crap, I haven't done the holiday homework. Maybe she's left a letter for my parents by the recycling bin. Wait, it's not a letter, it's a BOX. That says House of Fraser on it.


It's love at first sight. It's a beautiful brown velvet palette, in a purple velvet case. If Cadburys did make up . .

(Clicky click to zoom)

Obviously I had to get down to giving myself a Naked makeover. It says you can go for office-appropriate, deep and smoky or summertime bronzed looks. Um, miracle in a palette! 

Excuse the funny looking photo. Ooh btw I'm wearing Gosh Darling here, this could be the first time I might've made it work for me. .?
And let me just say now, the pencils, as I was using them I was thinking wowzas do these glide or what. Then I realised they're called glide-on or something. I am so buying more of these!

The next photo was taken 6 hours later. UDPP you are a godsend!
I've labelled the picture up there with what colours I've used where

Okay, you know what I'm like, I've got to justify EVERYTHING I buy ;) so let's talk money

The palette cost me £27 (£3 delivery but that doesn't count, it'd cost double that to get the train into London to buy it)

For £27 you get
  • Eyeshadows: 12 x 1.3g 
  • Eye Pencils: 2 x 0.5g 
  • Eyeshadow Primer Potion: 3.7ml

    House of Fraser sell single eyeshadows for £12.50. 12 x £12.50 = £150 plus Eye Pencils and a Mini Primer Potion thrown in!
The eyeshadows are 0.2g off full size, so for arguments sake I'm used the price of full size for this comparison

Um bargain! I can't seem to find it on the website at the moment but I got it from the House Of Fraser website

Let me know if you want swatches, I thought this post was long enough already, and if there's anything else you want to know, feel free to ask!

Love Sophie xx


  1. Lol, I had to read that fast to keep up with your excitement! ;)
    It looks brilliant, great post xoxo

  2. hahaha you can tell how excited I am?! well to be fair just looking at the palette makes me want to cuddle it. I may have kissed it earlier xx

  3. haha i love the little story!;)xx
    you tempt me to get this so badly!more fotd's with this puhh-leasee!:)

  4. fab post! i need this in my life<3

  5. This palette looks amazing and I wish they sold it in paris, since my mom is there right now, but hopefully the too faced natural palette is similar :)


  6. Wow that looks awesome, great post and I'm glad it's not just me that justifies everything!!! xx

  7. You cant find it on website cus sold out hun. It looks like im too late. fingers crossed for debenhams begining of next month. It all looks gorgeous on you x

  8. I am absolutely in love with this palette and I find that it is the only thing I grab for now! My poor Mac palettes are getting neglected.


  9. mine has arrived today but i cant see mine until i get home from work....sniff sniff!!!! i seriously cant wait to see it! xx